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Developing premium compostable bio-packaging from sustainably-farmed seaweed 

Oceanium  Case Study

Reducing forestry plastic pollution 

Chestnut Natural Capital  Case Study

Asset Tracking in Hospital Environments 

Floki Health Limited  Case Study

Developing a new virus-like particle polio vaccine 

Novel VLP polio vaccine platform development  Case Study

Designing and printing make-up tray prototypes 

Company: Untitled No 1  Case Study

Development of a thermal and photovoltaic solar panel 

TRL9  Case Study

Edible ink formulation to enable personalised confectionary 

Choc​.ly Case Study

Manufacturing a sensory brush that supports early development and child wellbeing 

Hushbrush  Case Study

Accelerating powder process design using discrete element modelling 

Modelling powder flow  Case Study

Fine tuning crystallisation process parameters in real time 

Controlling Crystallisation  Case Study

Optimising the conveying, dispensing, and packing of powdered formulated goods 

Pack and Fill  Case Study

Accelerating innovation in high-throughput liquid stability testing 

Liquid Stability Testing  Case Study