Case Studies

Discover how CPI are helping to make the world a better place through innovation


CPI helped PragmatIC to accelerate product development and collaborated on a number of publicly funded R&D projects.

Progressing skin and oral cancer treatment with LightOx

CPI is collaborating with LightOx on a photonics project to progress the development of skin and oral cancer treatment.

The Benefits of High Throughput Process Development

CPI is driving down time to market and manufacturing cost of new biologics through high throughput process development.

CPI helps build world’s largest radio telescope

CPI has helped to construct the world’s largest radio telescope to scan deep space for radio waves.

Driving energy harvesting with Silent Sensors

CPI is supporting an Innovate UK-funded project on the future of intelligent tyres.

Biome Technologies

UK based SME Biome Technologies works with CPI to progress their technically challenging project along the journey to commercialisation.

Calysta fish-feed collaboration hits four-tonne mark

CPI partnered Calysta to develop FeedKind® protein production process.

CPI recognises the potential of seaweed

SeaGas aims to assess the viability of farming sugar kelp seaweed for bioenergy production through anaerobic digestion.

CPI helps fuel coolant firm Mayhems’ global expansion

CPI works with Mayhems on development of a nanofluid coolant for high-end consumer electronics applications.