Case Studies

How we have helped people innovate

Biome Technologies

UK based SME Biome Technologies works with CPI to progress their technically challenging project along the journey to commercialisation.

Calysta fish-feed collaboration hits four-tonne mark

CPI partnered Calysta to develop FeedKind® protein production process.

CPI recognises the potential of seaweed

SeaGas aims to assess the viability of farming sugar kelp seaweed for bioenergy production through anaerobic digestion.

CPI helps fuel coolant firm Mayhems’ global expansion

CPI works with Mayhems on development of a nanofluid coolant for high-end consumer electronics applications.

CPI study a game changer” for EnviroSystems

Work carried out by CPI in Anaerobic Digestion enables positive impact on company who provides animal bedding for the agricultural industry.

Novel Continuous Processing Techniques for Pharma

CPI has helped develop a unique continuous processing reactor capability and modelling control techniques for the production of high value pharmaceuticals.

Cooling Nanofluids for the Aerospace Industry

Nanoquench — project utilising specialist nanotechnology to reformulate existing quenching fluids used in the heat treatment of aerospace alloys.

Optimising your process in Computational Fluid Dynamics

CPI have invested in the development of an in-house modelling & simulation capability, focusing both on computational fluid dynamics and process modelling.

Collaboration will revolutionise treatment of diabetes

CPI is helping to develop the manufacture of insulin coated gold nanoparticles in order to allow non-invasive delivery of insulin.