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Our latest articles on innovation

How resource efficiency is changing the future of manufacturing

As consumer awareness around carbon footprint, resource efficiency and the circular economy grows, the demands on the manufacturing industry are changing.

Feb 26 2020

How to play it safe: risk management in medical device development

One of the most significant aspects to consider for medical device development is risk management. Find out how to approach this from the outset.

Feb 19 2020

How sustainable fashion and science are joining forces

Sustainability is a major trend that is changing the landscape of the textiles market, with a number of companies pledging an increased focus in this area.

Feb 18 2020

How farming cells instead of animals could reduce greenhouse gases

How cell culture is revolutionising the production of animal based products.

Jan 22 2020

How the microbiome is the next chapter in precision medicine

Discover how genome sequencing and metagenomic analysis are helping scientists advance precision medicine

Jan 02 2020

An analysis of private investment received by SMEs after working with CPI

After working with CPI, SME’s were twice as likely to receive private investment at almost double the value. These SMEs used their private investment to construct facilities, scale-up production, launch products and create high-value jobs.

Dec 18 2019

Top Moments of 2019

2019 marks CPI’s 15th anniversary and what a great year it’s been. We continued to work closely with SMEs, universities, large corporates and our partners in local and national Government to translate ideas into robust manufacturing processes.

Dec 17 2019

Viral vectors for gene therapy: Revolutionising medicine

The first commercial gene therapy products are appearing commercially with over 350 clinical trials taking place in 2019 alone. So why is this area attracting so much attention?

Dec 11 2019

Life on Mars — science fiction or the future?

As concerns around our future on earth grow the interest in colonising other planets is gaining momentum. Opinion is divided on whether settlement of Mars is a science fiction dream or a necessity, however, a number of organisations (including NASA, ESA, Boeing and SpaceX) are researching the viability of colonisation and taking steps toward a permanent human presence on the red planet.

Dec 11 2019
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