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The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The NHS is world-renowned for its cradle-to-grave provision of healthcare that’s free at the point of use. As the fifth largest employer in the world, most Britons know someone who works within the healthcare system, and it holds a special place in many hearts around the UK. Since its founding in 1948, it has grappled with major public health scourges and embraced novel treatments with gusto.

Nov 12 2019

This is Engineering at CPI — Mona Gayle-Jinadu

In the second blog in our Tomorrow’s Engineers’ series, we focus on Mona Gayle-Jinadu, a Senior Research Engineer and Deputy Safety Lead at CPI. Here, she shares her career journey and explores how her daily work at CPI involves solving issues for the progression of science, technology and wider society.

Nov 05 2019

This is Engineering at CPI — Libby Goodes

In the midst of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2019,’ our two-part blog series focuses on the next generation of engineers. First up in our series is Libby Goods, an industrial placement student at CPI. She shares her journey into chemical engineering and how her daily work at CPI can impact science, technology and wider society.

Nov 05 2019

Strategy Development and Implementation

All businesses need to have a strategy of some sort, but however good that strategy is, it is driven and influenced by external events.

Oct 23 2019

The Industrial Strategy Healthy Ageing Challenge and my Mam

How can we innovate to ensure that an increased life expectancy translates to increased years spent in good health? Alex Cole illustrates the point by describing the challenges faced by his elderly mother and presents the innovative technologies which could be applied to solve these problems.

Oct 22 2019

The true meaning of innovation

Understanding the role of innovation in the history of business can help modern companies excel. Here we identify the purpose and definition of innovation.

Oct 16 2019

15 years of CPI — Making an impact in the pharmaceutical market

This year CPI is celebrating its 15th Birthday. We were established in 2004 as a way to build on the existing capabilities in the North East and ensure the region remained competitive in the global marketplace. Since then CPI has grown exponentially and has now delivered over 1700 public and private R&D projects with a value of around £500m.

Oct 08 2019

Shining light on Healthcare Photonics

Following the launch of CPI’s new National Healthcare Photonics Centre, Tom Harvey, Healthcare Photonics Lead at CPI, looks at the facility’s long-term potential to support the medical technology (medtech) and healthcare markets.

Sep 10 2019

The answer to climate change? Resource effiency

Our entire economy is driven by consumption and disposal. This is fine – provided we use resources with the utmost efficiency and recover, reuse, remanufacture or recycle the valuable materials in our waste streams.

Sep 02 2019
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