Pharmaceutical solutions for the future

Developing next-generation medicine manufacturing innovations to deliver tomorrow’s vaccines and therapeutics.

Pharmaceutical innovation

We help to scale up new medicines, develop novel manufacturing solutions and navigate the complex development pathway.

Collaborating for the future of pharma

Drugs at the nanoscale

More effective vaccines and therapeutics

Sustainable manufacturing practices

Advanced drug delivery systems

Treatments for unmet clinical needs

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Accelerating the development of promising drugs including small molecules, biologics and complex medicines at scale.

Lipid nanoparticles

Creating, screening and optimising delivery systems for future vaccines and therapies.


Developing scalable and robust novel medicines at the nanoscale.

Pharma Industry 4.0

Digital pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions for efficient, sustainable, and agile pharma supply chains.

Drive your innovation forward

Work with us to defer capital and workforce investments until your product or process is proven at scale.

Find the right support

Receive support from our multidisciplinary experts, and connect with our network of investors and partners.

Access world-class facilities

Receive access to specialist innovation facilities for R&D, process development and scale-up work.

Work the way you want

Fully customised, flexible projects and service options to fit your specific needs.