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Supporting the translation of emerging nanomedicines from bench to patient 

Accelerating the development of nanomedicines  Case Study

Development of a revolutionary platform for predicting the stability of liquid formulated products 

Enabling rapid assessment of liquid formulation stability  Case Study

Developing a nicotine replacement therapy 

Ventus Medical  Case Study

Developing pressure sensors for zero-emission delivery vehicle containers 

IF Vehicles Limited  Case Study

Asset Tracking in Hospital Environments 

Floki Health Limited  Case Study

Developing a new virus-like particle polio vaccine 

Novel VLP polio vaccine platform development  Case Study

Designing and printing make-up tray prototypes 

Company: Untitled No 1  Case Study

Development of a thermal and photovoltaic solar panel 

TRL9  Case Study

Reducing forestry plastic pollution 

Chestnut Natural Capital  Case Study

Edible ink formulation to enable personalised confectionary 

Choc​.ly Case Study

Manufacturing a sensory brush that supports early development and child wellbeing 

Hushbrush  Case Study

Accelerating powder process design using discrete element modelling 

Modelling powder flow  Case Study

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