Case Studies

How we have helped people innovate


CPI helped innovative SME Fiberight to scale up their novel method to generate sustainable added value products from municipal solid waste.


CPI has worked as part of a pan-European consortium to develop new manufacturing methods and improve supply chain co-ordination for nanopharmaceuticals.


The BioStreamline project helps mitigating biotherapeutic development challenges to create a more agile timeline in biologics development.

Biopharma analytical toolbox

CPI helped to develop new analytical tools for biopharmaceutical characterisation as part of a number of Innovate UK funded collaborative projects.

Cobra Biologics

CPI worked with Cobra Biologics to develop a platform AAV manufacturing processes that is robust and scalable.

Continuous biologics processing

CPI worked with a consortium of partners to develop a prototype of an integrated system for continuous biologics manufacturing.

Stream Bio

Stream Bio worked with CPI to progress their technically challenging project from a lab-based invention to commercialisation.

Graphene Composites

Graphene Composites has worked with CPI to accelerate the development of their novel product from early proof of concept through to pilot scale production.

Oxford Biotrans

CPI worked with Oxford Biotrans to develop a scalable process for the production of a proprietary enzyme.

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