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Seamlessly integrating flexible, durable biosensors into sportswear 

KYMIRA Ltd and Dycotec Materials  Case Study

Exploring novel methods to produce sustainable aviation fuel 

FastAceJet  Case Study

Expanding production of a spider-inspired biopesticide to sustainably safeguard crops 

Ecostack  Case Study

Cellular agriculture: formulating growth media for cultured meat production 

3D Bio-Tissues  Case Study

Revolutionising treatment of inflammatory bowel disease 

Soteria  Case Study

Scaling up a new process to create synthetic DNA 

Touchlight Genetics  Case Study

Optimising formulations for 3D printed solid-state batteries 

Photocentric  Case Study

Creating intelligent tyres through piezoelectric harvesting 

Silent Sensors  Case Study

Advancing diagnostics with photonics innovation 

CLEWS Medical Limited  Case Study

Communication networks for education in remote locations 

Global Teacher  Case Study

Optimising nano-fluid coolants for electronics 

Mayhems  Case Study

Developing a nicotine replacement therapy 

Ventus Medical  Case Study

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