Real stories of successful innovation

Discover how we are helping to make the world a better place through innovation

Manufacturing a sensory brush that supports early development and child wellbeing

Hushbrush Case Study

Developing a natural nitrogen-fixation technology for agriculture

Azotic Technologies Case Study

Developing premium compostable bio-packaging from sustainably-farmed seaweed

Oceanium Case Study

Creating the next generation of battery technology

Lina Energy Case Study

Developing life-changing biotherapeutic medicines faster and cheaper

GlycoSeLect Case Study

Developing a cell free expression system

Cell free expression Case Study

Creating a next-generation bioimaging molecular probe

Stream Bio Case Study

Developing a ballistic and stab protective composite structure

Graphene Composites Case Study

Developing a scalable process for proprietary enzyme production

Oxford Biotrans Case Study

Accelerating the development of nanopharmaceuticals

Nanofacturing Case Study

Creating a more agile timeline in biologics development

BioStreamline Case Study

Developing new analytical tools for biopharma characterisation

Biopharma analytical toolbox Case Study

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