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How we have helped people innovate

Expanding the analytical toolbox for biopharmaceutical characterisation

Biopharmaceuticals are highly complex molecules due to their large size and structural heterogeneity. Analytical characterisation of biopharmaceuticals can be challenging and a final drug substance can be composed of a mixture of variants that can have an impact on stability, function, efficacy and safety.

Development of an industrial manufacturing platform for adeno-associated virus (AAV) production

Gene therapy is a rapidly growing therapeutic area, with AAV being one of the main platforms being developed for commercialisation. The production of well characterised, high quality AAV vectors is critical for the success of gene therapy. This will be achieved by developing platform AAV manufacturing processes that are robust and scalable.

Continuous integrated biologics manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing offers the potential for higher efficiencies, reduction in cost and improved product quality over batch processes currently implemented within biomanufacturing. However, the adoption of continuous manufacturing has been slow due to technical challenges and concerns over operating within in a Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) environment. 

Stream Bio

Stream Bio worked with CPI to progress their technically challenging project from a lab-based invention to commercialisation.

Graphene Composites

Graphene Composites has worked with CPI to accelerate the development of their novel product from early proof of concept through to pilot scale production.

Oxford Biotrans enjoys fruits of labour in CPI project

CPI worked with Oxford Biotrans to develop a scalable process for the production of a proprietary enzyme.

Supporting PragmatIC to deliver electronics in everyday objects

CPI helped PragmatIC to accelerate product development, providing open access to CPI’s state-of-the-art facilities and expert knowledge, as well as collaborating on publicly funded R&D projects

Progressing skin and oral cancer treatment with LightOx

CPI is collaborating with LightOx on a photonics project to progress the development of skin and oral cancer treatment.

New Medicines Manufacturing Centre to Strengthen UK Pharma

The UK’s pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry is accelerating development of a new generation of manufacturing processes thanks to a new facility.

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