Accelerating battery innovation for the UK’s EV industry

The challenge

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more commonplace on our roads. As we support the UK Government’s ambition to decarbonise road transportation, we must accelerate more advanced battery technology to market, ensuring safety, reliability and affordability. 

Low-cost, high-performance battery technology will play a key role as we work to mitigate climate change and meet growing consumer demand. That’s why CPI is supporting NiTech’s efforts to develop continuous manufacturing processes for key materials used in battery production. 

In collaboration with NiTech and the University of Sheffield, we explored the benefits of an innovative production method that can produce NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt-based) precursor battery materials using a continuous production approach. This approach has the potential to deliver increased range and battery life with reduced charge times, in addition to reduced energy usage and a lower capital cost to produce materials.

““The adoption of battery technologies across a wide range of new applications is critical to mitigate global warming. Low-cost and high-performance battery technology will support this adoption. And the application of NiTech’s continuous processing technology has the potential to make a significant contribution to this goal.”” 
Dr Will Davies, CEO – NiTech 

How CPI helped

  • Secured funding from UK Research and Innovation’s Faraday Battery Challenge, together with NiTech and the University of Sheffield, to accelerate the development of Britain’s battery supply chain. 
  • Provided access to first-class expertise and world-leading facilities to provide proof-of-concept for NiTech’s continuously oscillatory baffled reactor technology (COBC).
  • Facilitated the transfer of the University of Sheffield’s novel batch process to a continuous manufacturing process. 
  • Successful production of Nickel/​Manganese/​Cobalt hydroxide (NMC) – the precursor (or p‑CAM) for synthesising cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. 


  • Successfully demonstrated a continuous process for manufacturing key materials for innovative EV batteries using NiTech’s COBC technology. 
  • Showcased the potential of continuous manufacturing to transform operations and drastically reduce carbon emissions. 


As we move towards net zero, the EV industry must continue to evolve. We can help advance the next generation of electric cars through high nickel cathodes, using innovative new technology that will boost performance while further reducing environmental impact. 

By accelerating the development of new manufacturing processes, NiTech is helping the industry meet consumer demands for safety, reliability, and affordability and is reducing emissions across the entire supply chain. 

It’s an example of how a unique collaboration between academia, industry and innovation centres can help solve the challenges that face our society. Together, we’re driving real change to strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in high-value battery production.

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