Innovation for amputees: Developing wearable devices to improve lives

The challenge

People who have suffered an amputation can often experience discomfort due to a lack of circulation. The resulting cold that’s felt by the amputee can be severe and debilitating, so much so that it’s been attributed as a possible cause of phantom limb syndrome. 

But with the support of CPI, Heatleaf is working on a solution that can alleviate this discomfort and offer valuable pain relief to amputees. 

Unlike current solutions, which are bulky and uncomfortable, Heatleaf is developing a wearable device designed for everyday use. Easy-to-maintain and comfortable to wear, it’s an innovation that can deliver real change to the lives of millions of amputees.

As an amputee myself, I have first-hand experience of the issues that Heatleaf is trying to address. With the invaluable help of CPI, we’re working to create a device that will have a tangible impact on people’s lives. This is innovation that’s designed to address a genuine need, bringing relief to millions of people in the process.” 
Joanna Newton
Joanna Newton, Director – Heatleaf 

How CPI helped

  • Organised workshops, bringing together design, electronic and software engineers to refine the device’s design to ensure it met specific use-case scenarios and prosthetic integration requirements. 
  • Developed prototypes, including the design and fabrication of a heater array, encapsulated control electronics and a 3D-printed limb model for device testing. 
  • Explored and tested various heating elements and control unit designs, ultimately contributing to the selection of the most suitable technologies for the product. 


  • Developed a highly effective heating solution that can be seamlessly integrated into existing prosthetic devices, improving wearer comfort in cold conditions. 
  • Created a closed-loop control system, enabling safe and power-efficient heating. 
  • Reached a significant milestone in improving the comfort levels of prosthetic users during colder weather, offering a new layer of personalisation and well-being. 
  • Successfully demonstrated the viability of a standalone heating system for prosthetics, generating interest among stakeholders and potential for future development and commercialisation. 


Effective, easy-to-use, and above all, comfortable – Heatleaf is developing an innovative new device that’s been designed to specifically meet the needs of the people it aims to help. It has the potential to transform and improve the lives of people who suffer pain and discomfort following amputation. 

The relationship with CPI has provided invaluable support that’s enabled Heatleaf to accelerate its journey from innovation to end product. It’s an example of the vital role that CPI plays in enabling transformative technologies to reach market faster, and ultimately deliver better treatment for patients. 

Too many innovators are blocked by technical barriers that stop them from translating their ideas into reality, but Heatleaf’s success is testament to the impact that CPI’s expert support can have on scaling a product. Equipped with working prototypes and a roadmap for the future, today, the company is closer than ever to delivering real change to the lives of amputees. 

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