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The venture capital and investor engagement arm of CPI

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We focus on value-add investments – leveraging our world class technical expertise, facilities and strong partnership network – to stimulate impactful investment into early-stage deep tech businesses.

150+ combined years of experience across our CPI Enterprises team

300+ active investor partnerships

12 deep tech investments including 1 successful exit (14.3x)

800+ SME engagements every year

700+ highly-skilled technology, innovation and industry experts

6 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with university partners across the UK

A hand-picked, highly skilled, and experienced team

Our senior investment team has substantial experience of making equity and debt investments into SMEs as well as expertise across a number of disciplines and fields.

The story of CPI Enterprises

What sets us apart from other private equity investors is our complete alignment with CPI. While we are separate organisations, we share the same values, mission and vision.

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We are particularly delighted that CPI, as a world leader in bioprocessing innovation, has joined our high quality investors to further accelerate our commercial and technology traction.

BiologIC Technologies Richard Vellacott
Richard Vellacott
CEO, BiologIC Technologies

Working with CPI is allowing for a smoother and faster development of our new product, from R&D to commercial development expertise. Our technology empowers engineers to rethink wire harnesses for a safe, sustainable, and reliable all-electric, connected future.

Q5D Stephen Bennington
Stephen Bennington
CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.