Year of investment


Business overview

Evoralis a developer of plastic recycling technology designed to improve the sustainability of plastics and ensure the true circularity of plastic waste generated. The company’s technology enables the discovery and improvement of biocatalysts for the depolymerisation of polymers with a screening platform that is faster than conventional methods, enabling companies to find and improve enzymes that can break down plastics into their constituent building blocks to be re-used again within new products. The initial focus of the business is working within the textile industry where it could enable over 80% of all textiles to become recyclable within 2 years.

CPI value creation

The investment into Evoralis CPI’s first investment through the Catapult Associated Fund from Innovate UK focused on early-stage development opportunities. Alongside managing the investment, CPI are actively engaged with the team at Evoralis to develop, scale up and process an identified strain enabling the increase of capability ensuring screening is completed for temperature stability associated with the chosen molecule and enzyme pathway.

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