Year of investment


Business overview

QV Bioelectronics is developing an implanted electrotherapy device for the treatment of brain cancer. This first-of-its-kind technology aims to target dividing cancer cells within the brain, without affecting healthy cells. Implantable bioelectronics is at the forefront of emerging healthcare technology, combining the use of cutting-edge materials and interdisciplinary science.

CPI value creation

QV Bioelectronics and CPI are collaborating on the formulation and optimisation of the gel electrode element of the GRACE implant which will sit in the resection site following the patients surgery. The work will enable the Company optimise the final formulation of the gel electrode is vital in the understanding of the characteristics and composition for future development to ensure that the materials fit within the requirements of regulatory bodies. CPI has been able to make significant progress in ensuring that the process utilised by QV Bioelectronics is scalable and commercially viable.

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