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A gut feeling – a novel approach to better health

The challenge

We harbour trillions of bacteria in our guts, harmless microorganisms that are collectively known as the gut microbiome.” These complex microbial communities have a direct impact on our health, thought to influence everything from inflammation to allergies, and even the brain. 

But our gut microbiomes are under constant attack. Lifestyle choices, dietary changes, antibiotic use and reduced exposure to natural environments are degrading our bodies’ natural systems. Microbe-containing foods and supplements offer an opportunity to replenish our natural defences, creating a new frontier in wellbeing. But there’s a catch: producing safe and stable products is difficult.

That’s why CPI is working with Immune Boost Clinic to support its development of a heat-killed, non-pathogenic mycolicibacterium as a novel food ingredient for its innovative consumer products that safely harness the health benefits of naturally occurring microorganisms. With our support, Immune Boost Clinic has been able to move its production to the UK, building an accredited food manufacturing process that can create tangible health benefits for people across the globe. 

““Manufacturing is just one part of the process, and CPI does so much more than just that. Growing mycolicibacteria consistently and reliably to food grade standard and combining them with other ingredients is difficult and requires attention to detail, expertise and experience from your partner.”” 
Tim Dye
Tim Dye, Senior Scientific and Operations Advisor – Immune Boost Clinic 

How CPI helped

  • Offered a single point of access to a wide pool of capabilities from accredited organisations. 
  • Supplied technical and analytical expertise to produce data for regulatory dossier submissions (EFSA and the UK’s FSA) including microbiological cultivation, downstream processing and formulation, microbial analysis and laser diffraction particle size analysis. 
  • Manufactured products at our Novel Food Innovation Centre, providing the reassurance of certified food safety and quality management (FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001), backed by a qualified and experienced HACCP team. 


  • Enabled Immune Boost Clinic to move production of their lead proprietary mycolicibacterium from France to the UK, where production could be more easily overseen. 
  • Supported the development of new products including softgel capsules and drinks, accelerating their journey to market in the UK, Europe and the US
  • Delivered vital testing work and technical expertise to support Immune Boost Clinic’s application for EFSA accreditation. 


Providing people with access to affordable and effective healthcare is one of the key challenges facing our society. As populations grow, there’s an increasing demand for innovative new products and treatments that won’t just help to combat health issues but prevent them from happening in the first place. 

Products that support our microbiome can play a key role in addressing this challenge. We’re helping Immune Boost Clinic to develop innovative products and unlock new markets, ensuring more people will have access to safe and effective microbiome supplements. 

It’s a partnership that’s already bearing fruit. By choosing CPI as its manufacturing partner, Immune Boost Clinic has been able to transition its manufacturing – expanding processes while achieving the accreditation it needs to expand into new markets. Thanks to our technical expertise, Immune Boost Clinic has also been able to develop a new range of innovative applications, creating new opportunities for commercialisation. And with the ability to now safely produce its proprietary bacterial products at scale, Immune Boost Clinic can serve more people in more markets around the world.




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