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Developing a scalable process for proprietary enzyme production 

Oxford Biotrans  Case Study

Creating a more agile timeline in biologics development 

BioStreamline  Case Study

Developing an industrial biologics manufacturing platform 

Cobra Biologics  Case Study

Creating an integrated solution for continuous biologics manufacturing 

Continuous biologics processing  Case Study

Scaling up the generation of sustainable products from municipal solid waste 

Fiberight  Case Study

Helping to deliver electronics in everyday objects 

PragmatIC  Case Study

Progressing skin and oral cancer treatment with LightOx 

LightOx  Case Study

Strengthening e‑bike frames using graphene 

Evari Bikes  Case Study

The Benefits of High Throughput Process Development 

Case Study

CPI helps build world’s largest radio telescope 

University of Malta and Printed Electronics Limited  Case Study

Driving energy harvesting with Silent Sensors 

Silent Sensors  Case Study

Scaling up the next generation of bioplastics 

Biome Technologies  Case Study