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Fine tuning crystallisation process parameters in real time 

Controlling Crystallisation  Case Study

Optimising the conveying, dispensing, and packing of powdered formulated goods 

Pack and Fill  Case Study

Accelerating innovation in high-throughput liquid stability testing 

Liquid Stability Testing  Case Study

Developing a natural nitrogen-fixation technology for agriculture 

Azotic Technologies  Case Study

Creating the next generation of battery technology 

Lina Energy  Case Study

Developing life-changing biotherapeutic medicines faster and cheaper 

GlycoSeLect  Case Study

Developing a cell free expression system 

Cell free expression  Case Study

Creating a next-generation bioimaging molecular probe 

Stream Bio  Case Study

Developing a ballistic and stab protective composite structure 

Graphene Composites  Case Study

Developing a scalable process for proprietary enzyme production 

Oxford Biotrans  Case Study

Creating a more agile timeline in biologics development 

BioStreamline  Case Study

Developing an industrial biologics manufacturing platform 

Cobra Biologics  Case Study