Optimising nano-fluid coolants for electronics

The challenge

We collaborated with Mayhems Solutions Ltd – a developer and manufacturer of nano-fluid coolants for high-end computers and servers – to develop a market-leading novel fluid coolant. The aim was to optimise heat removal performance so Mayhems could offer superior nano-fluid coolants at a lower price and expand its business across the globe.

How CPI helped

  • Applied industry knowledge to understand chemical formulations 
  • Provided manufacture scale-up facilities and expertise 


  • Increased heat removal performance of Mayhems’ nano-coolant 
  • Improved formulation knowledge within the team to support future product development 


The project helped Mayhems increase its employee count and revenue by 400% and source 98% of its materials within the UK. Mayhems also progressed its manufacturing capabilities, now shipping over 1000 litres of coolant a week across the globe, including to China and the United States. 

Since collaborating with us, Mayhems has expanded its product range and is looking to raise funds for its next expansion phase. Because of the increased understanding of its product, Mayhems has created complimentary nano-coolant products, such as non-leaching PVC tubing, and has the potential to extend its product line to other applications such as solar panels and automotive. 

Mayhems began as a startup and is now a world leader in manufacturing nano-coolant for high-end computers and servers. 


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