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8th September 2016

Silent Sensors: Innovation analysis and product development


UK SME Silent Sensors Ltd have developed a new technology, products and services to manage tyres. Their technology can manage tyres from the manufacturing process through the supply chain to the vehicle on the road with a continuous stream of data being collected in the cloud and presented on dashboards for management or as warnings to the driver on the road. Silent Sensors become part of the whole tyre life-cycle leading to safer roads and a cleaner environment.

Silent Sensors engaged with CPI to commence a new product development program which will improve existing antennae designs and incorporate printed sensors into the tyre manufacturing process and associated supply chain.  As part of this development program, Silent Sensors underwent an Innovation Integrator® assessment in order to evaluate the current state of the business, identifying strengths, weaknesses and next steps

Marcus Taylor - CEO, Silent Sensors

The CPI Innovation Integrator® diagnostic assessment has been very useful on a number of levels. From a stakeholder perspective it has helped us all to appreciate the many aspects of the business that need to be addressed in order to be successful and to put in place a plan of action.

From a shareholder perspective it has helped underpin the rational for what additional funding we need and how it will be used. From a go to market strategy it has enabled us to rationalise the many strands in to a more coherent and focused plan with supporting road map. And finally it has meant that CPI have been able to provide us to the support we need to realise our full potential.

This is already bearing fruit with our plan to leverage our existing roadmap into two complementary modular offerings based upon tracking and sensing. We can now offer our a traceability solution, which is based on passive RFID technology together or separately from our sensing solution offering based on Bluetooth low energy. Underpinning all of our offerings is CPI’s proprietary printed manufacturing technology which will allow Silent Sensors to add more value to its clients and partners as we move further upstream in the value chain. Our goal is to redefine IOT as the Internet of Tyres. Together with CPI and our other partners we are now embarking on a challenge to create battery-less active sensors platform for tyres

Mark Beckwith - Business Development Manager, CPI

We are very excited about the potential of Silent Sensors and their specialist technology. The key factor for our partnership is the ability to use the assets and knowledge at CPI to progress their technology from research scale to pilot production levels.

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