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Case Study

Cellucomp Pilot Scale-up and Process Development

Cellucomp first approached CPI to test feasibility for the scale-up production of Curran®. Curran® is a rheology modifier which can be added to a range of coatings to increase the hardness, flexibility and resistance to cracking.

Further possible applications lie in personal and home care products, cosmetics, concrete, drilling fluids and composites. Curran® is produced using novel fibre technology and is derived from residues which may arise from root crop production (waste).

Cellucomp first approached CPI to test feasibility for the scale-up production of Curran®. This translated lab scale development towards commercial scale manufacture, achieving final product specification and meeting the requirements of the market end-user. Process development included investigating downstream processing techniques for extracting and purifying the product from the reaction mixture.

CPI’s technical contribution to date has helped to advance Cellucomp beyond early stage science and towards financing the construction of their own facilities for the production of Curran® and to pump-prime the market for readying off-take partners. Future collaboration is intended between CelluComp and CPI helping to ensure Cellucomp remains a market leaders in this field.

  • “Working with CPI has enabled us to reduce the risk of moving from lab to production scale by utilising CPI’s process facilities and expertise before making a significant capital investment in our own facility.“

    Dr Eric Whale
    Cellucomp Ltd
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