Our National Centres

World-class facilities and expertise to help companies bring products to market sooner, with reduced risk.

CPI works closely with academia, industry and government to bridge the gap between innovation and commercialisation. Our work enables products to be quickly and cost-effectively brought to market, delivering highly-skilled jobs and economic growth to the UK.

The facilities we offer across our network of sites provide equipment and technical expertise that help companies to develop next-generation products and processes. These centres support cross-sector knowledge sharing and allow the formation of unique innovation networks across the entire supply chain. Working together, we help companies bring their innovative ideas to market sooner, with reduced risk.

The Novel Food Innovation Centre 

The Novel Food Innovation Centre offers solutions, process development and scale-up for novel foods, feeds and nutraceuticals to transform food systems. 

The RNA Centre of Excellence 

The RNA Centre of Excellence will boost skills and deliver RNA vaccines and therapeutics to benefit patients and fight future health emergencies. 

The National Printable Electronics Centre 

The National Printable Electronics Centre offers facilities and expertise to accelerate development of innovative electronic devices. 

The National Formulation Centre 

The National Formulation Centre offers capabilities to overcome the complex challenges associated with formulation science. 

The National Industrial Biotechnology Facility 

The National Industrial Biotechnology Facility helps to reduce the risk and cost of commercialising cleaner, more sustainable biotechnology processes. 

The National Biologics Manufacturing Centre 

The National Biologics Manufacturing Centre specialises in the development of cutting-edge biologics. 

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre 

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre delivers transformative solutions in small molecule and fine chemical manufacturing. 

The National Healthcare Photonics Centre 

The National Healthcare Photonics Centre provides expertise for the development of light-based medical technologies. 

The Graphene Application Centre 

The Graphene Application Centre assists companies to develop, prove and commercialise products using graphene technologies. 

CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.