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SCOUT project

About SCOUT project

Providing Scottish SMEs with accelerated growth through innovation clinics, innovation assessments and deep technical consultancy.

The Scottish Outreach (SCOUT) project provides support to Scottish SMEs working in the high-value chemical and biochemical supply chains including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, chemical sciences, digital technology, novel process technology and regulatory services who are seeking or developing disruptive technologies. 

The project will be led by CPI’s Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre and in collaboration with CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), and will run for three years. It will serve Scottish SMEs through a three-pronged approach of innovation clinics (currently planned to start late 2020), Innovation IntegratorÒ assessments and deep technical consultancy. 

The project will leverage technology within CPI and its partner organisations to accelerate and de-risk the growth of Scottish SMEs – including those underserved and remote – by enabling new partnerships and increased technology adoption.

The £882k Scottish Outreach (SCOUT) project is jointly funded by the European Regional Development Fund (managed by Scottish Enterprise) CPI, CMAC and IBioIC.

SMEs experiencing barriers to the adoption of innovation can seek support from SCOUT via innovation events, an innovation assessment and consultancy. Outcomes to support companies overcome the challenges they face include:

- For micro-start-ups working on disruptive technology — SCOUT can map a path commercialisation and link to a supply chain.

- For scale-ups experiencing rapid growth, support with growth challenges is available by providing a clear plan, new networks and knowledge from experts.

- For regulatory, process technology and digital companies, SCOUT can make links for SMEs to parallel supply chains and increase partnerships.

- SMEs that are not R&D intensive can benefit from support to overcome internal barriers preventing R&D investment.

SMEs can access the services provided by the project without charge.

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Small/​Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with a presence in Scotland and active in the biochemical and chemical supply chain can apply for support which will include business support for innovative technologies. This includes SMEs in: pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, chemical sciences, digital technology, novel processing technology and regulatory services.

SMEs will be seeking or developing disruptive technologies that can provide step changes in economics and sustainability.

The support offered will help innovative companies overcome the barriers they are experiencing in the adoption of innovation.