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Five British companies that are changing the face of healthcare

These 5 MedTech companies are transforming healthcare with groundbreaking devices like wearables and trackers. Here’s an overview of their innovations.

Ben Harrison

Ben Harrison

Marketing Business Partner

Providing people across the globe with access to affordable and effective healthcare is one of society’s biggest challenges.

But new innovations in MedTech have the potential to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability and safety of care. Britian is playing a leading role in this exciting new field, unlocking opportunities for innovators, investors and entrepreneurs alike. 

From synthetic DNA to photonic diagnostics, here are five British companies that are at the forefront of MedTech. 

KnitRegen - Making stroke therapy more portable

KnitRegen is a next-generation MedTech company that creates smart, wearable technologies to support neurological recovery from stroke or brain injury. 

Current estimates suggest that 1‑in‑4 people will suffer from a stroke in their lifetime, and the condition is a leading cause of disability as survivors can struggle to fully recover from their illness. Traditional techniques such as physiotherapy can help milder symptoms, but new innovations are needed to treat those who suffer from severe disruption. 

That’s where KnitRegen comes in. The company’s patented smart textiles deliver state-of-the-art muscle stimulation for continual rehabilitation outside of therapy sessions. It’s a technical advancement that opens up new avenues of treatment, helping to transform the lives of stroke sufferers across the globe. 

FloKi Health – Using printed electronics to track medical assets

Northumberland-based FloKi Health is producing printable electronic tags to help keep track of medical assets. 

It’s an innovative solution to an all too problem that costs vast amounts of time and money, especially in the NHS where staff spend at least an hour per shift attempting to locate lost or misplaced medical equipment. 

Floki’s technology could change healthcare by saving precious time and resources that could ultimately reduce waiting lists and improve patient outcomes. It’s a small change that could make a big difference. 

KYMIRA and Dycotec Materials – Advancing the smart sportswear sector

Wearable electronics offer a remarkable opportunity to tackle societal challenges like healthy ageing, rehabilitation, personal monitoring and workplace safety. 

KYMIRA and Dycotec Materials are working at the forefront of this exciting sector, embedding electronics for remote sensing into fabrics that are as flexible and comfortable as conventional clothing. 

Originally developed for professional athletes the companies are now exploring the healthcare applications of their innovative products, including embedding heartrate monitors in patients’ clothing. 

CLEWS Medical – Harnessing the power of photonics for healthcare

CLEWS Medical is a northern start-up that’s harnessing photonics technology to develop a wearable, wireless medical device that can make patient diagnostics faster and cheaper. 

Early Warning Scores (EWS) are commonly used in hospitals to monitor patient health and enable faster intervention in deteriorating patients. These scores are made up of a range of different measurements all of which are time-consuming when collected manually. 

Through developments in photonics technology, CLEWS Medical is developing a novel device that can rapidly accelerate this process, saving time and potentially lives in the process. 

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