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SME Case Studies

Established in 2004, CPI has consistently challenged and shaped the UK innovation landscape.

Our history of success reflects our investment in high potential industries and a forward-thinking approach that has helped thousands of companies and bolstered the UK’s offering in an increasingly competitive global economy.

The quality of work CPI provides is reflected in the feedback we get from our customers. The following testimonials come from SMEs we have worked with on both previous and ongoing projects.


“We have worked closely with the Technology Strategy Board and CPI since 2008 and their help and support has been invaluable. CPI have, through their extensive resources and support, enabled us to grow at an accelerated pace, far faster than is usually possible for a start-up.”

“Quite honestly, without CPI we wouldn’t be here - that’s the bottom line.”

Richard Kirk - CEO, PolyPhotonix
PolyPhotonix PolyPhotonix


“SMEs have so many challenges - CPI has often saved us the time we would have spent finding specialists or a demonstration plant. They’re a valued partner, in fact, our partner of choice for specialist chemical engineering and scale up expertise.”

Phil Goodier - CEO, Plaxica
Plaxica Plaxica

Applied Graphene Material

“Having CPI as the builder of the asset added a certain level of credibility to our business. It is very helpful to be able to state to investors, that the asset was realised by and that production capability was provided in conjunction with CPI.”

“CPI played a fundamental role in us getting to our current position today, to which the proof of concept of our manufacturing process was essential to get the sufficient credibility to attract financial investment for us to have a platform, from which we can build our business.”

Jon Mabbitt - CEO, Applied Graphene Materials
Applied Graphene Material Applied Graphene Material


“We have reached a point where we have delivered small scale commercial deployment with existing projects. Through the SCOPE project we will be scaling up our capabilities over the next 12 to 18 months and that will allow us to deliver projects on the size of more than a million units.”

Dr Richard Price - CEO, PragmatIC
PragmatIC PragmatIC

TerraVerdae Bioworks

“Developing the technologies needed to produce commercial scale quantities of our biomaterial products in an economic and efficient process is a milestone for the company, and potentially the industry. Our first product developed using this technology, biodegradable and biocompatible microspheres to replace synthetic microbeads in personal care products, addresses a strong global need to remove plastic contamination from water supplies.”

“We are fortunate to have collaborated on this technology with the UK’s Centre for Process Innovation. They are one of the world’s leading facilities for process innovation in the industrial bioprocess arena and their support has been invaluable.”

TerraVerdae Bioworks TerraVerdae Bioworks


“Working with CPI allowed us to access specialist equipment and dedicated expertise that would have otherwise been unavailable to us, the impact on our business from the work carried out at CPI at that time turned out to be a game changer for the business and had a significant impact on reducing emissions of dangerous gasses (e.g. hydrogen sulphide) from lagoons which were suspected of causing sudden death of housed cattle on farms.”

Liz Russell - Managing Director, EnviroSystems
EnviroSystems EnviroSystems

Midatech Pharma España

“CPI provides access to technology and development resources that would otherwise be out of reach, but above all, an enthusiasm in their support and a determination to reach a successful outcome that is second to none.”

Justin Barry - Managing Director, Midatech Pharma España
Midatech Pharma España Midatech Pharma España


“Working with CPI has enabled us to reduce the risk of moving from lab to production scale by utilising CPI’s process facilities and expertise before making a significant capital investment in our own facility.”

Dr Eric Whale - Cellucomp
Cellucomp Cellucomp