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Our services are built around each of the following themes:

  • Technology landscaping and technical due diligence
  • Process guidance for relevant targeted host-strain development
  • Process modelling and optimisation
  • Techno-economic process benchmarking and plant build cost estimation
  • Process scale-up and demonstration

We have the capability to deliver both in depth development programs using our range of technology development services as well as less complex projects with a simple goal.

  • Landscaping and Due -diligence

    At CPI we can perform market sector analysis, identify bottlenecks and benchmarking studies to enable you to optimise feedstock and end-product selection. In order to support your commercial and investment decisions, we can provide technology due diligence and IP landscaping services.

    This enables you to construct suitable technology development programs, optimise IP, licensing strategies and to identify value-adding technology partnerships.

    In addition, our multidisiplinary engineering service is available to provide an extension to your science and operational capabilities.This service makes available our extensive experience of bio-process engineering to help review the feasibility of client processes and accelerate the path to commercialisation.

    CPI can offer:

    •Market analysis and feedstock selection •IP landscaping •Technology due diligence and gap analyses •Process engineering and risk assessment. This includes process modelling, Auto CAD, front end engineering design packages, general arrangement drawings, data sheets, process flow diagrams, order of magnitude estimates, and matched plant operational costing •CFD •P&ID’s

  • Host Strain Development

    At CPI we offer guidance and support on microbial host strain development for companies and early stage innovators looking to explore new products or streamline current Industrial Biotechnology processes.

    This includes assessment characterisation and validation to enable targeted improvement of the scalability of existing fermentation strains. Alternatively we can provide guidance on consideration of optimum microbial hosts for specific feedstocks and products. With fully equipped development laboratory facilities and technical expertise we can provide companies with recommendations for an optimum process.

    Guidance from biochemists and engineers is integral to enable host improvement for scaled processes. Evaluating and selecting host constructs under process-relevant conditions should be undertaken early in the strain development pipeline. This reduces the risk of costly process failures at scale and enables scope for additional development of the production process. Physiological criteria can be screened under representative process conditions to identify useful and potentially problematic characteristics.

    Early evaluation of process feasibility provides the optimum route to scaled demonstration and is essential to minimising cost and timelines.

    Utilising our purpose built facilities these activities can be undertaken internally on a variety of solid, liquid and gaseous feedstocks of industrial relevance.

    CPI can offer: •Relevant clone selection under process conditions •Laboratory assessment of host and construct improvements under representative scaled operating conditions •Validation of production host/construct suitability at pilot and plant scale

  • Optimisation at Various Scales

    At CPI we have utilised our knowledge and access to 10,000L bioprocess capability to develop scale-down models within laboratory reactor systems. These process models enable relevant process development through small volume, low cost, measurement and assessment of key operating parameters.

    Evaluation of technology under scale-down enables understanding and optimisation of process yields and assessment of cost-reduction options. Challenges in scale-up can be identified early in the development pipeline and alternative processing options proposed to mitigate the scale up risk.

    Operating at laboratory scale the critical factors influencing scale-up and process cost can be identified. Scientific technology and engineering solutions can then be proposed. We can provide this support to both the bio and chemical sector utilising expertise from our team.

    CPI can offer: •Upstream, fermentation and downstream process development •Optimisation under scale down in laboratory systems •Independent evaluation of alternative production feedstock and raw materials •Evaluation of potential manufacturing bottlenecks •Identify measurements and control to enhance production quality •Engineering studies with proposed quantified improvements

  • Techno Economic Assesment

    Techno-economic assessment provides a powerful tool to guide process investment from early stage to late stage development. We can provide an understanding of cost-based risk for every stage of technology maturity.

    Early/mid stage technology

    Understanding relative cost of unit operations is a powerful tool to focus technology development efforts. Within industrial biotechnology the major costs typically comprise feedstock raw material and product isolation. We can provide understanding of the cost drivers to target funding into critical process areas.

    Mid/late stage technology

    We provide you with an ability to understand and benchmark the total process economics at almost every stage of your process development. The operating and capital build cost estimates are refined as the project maturity increase and variables are confirmed. Here at CPI we utilise a number of in-house and commercial software tools to develop cost models for industrial biotechnology processes. CPI can offer: •Relative cost contribution models for component unit operations •Cost estimates at different stages of the project stages (Concept to FEED) •Real operating data from wide range of existing process plant •Estimation of bespoke equipment costs •Estimation of process costs for various geographic locations •Inclusion of feedstock delivery and transport costs •Access to engineering teams to review other construction options

  • Process Modelling

    Our process modelling team apply a number of commercially available software tools to further understand and improve your processes.

    The Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) team have developed an in-depth understanding of performance drivers for in-house and external scaled fermentation plant assets. This knowledge enables and complements scale-down models and identifies critical equipment design issues.

    Process simulation tools allow us to carry out heat and material balances. This information enables optimised utility and equipment design to produce the required volumes and quality of product. The simulation results can be used to predict hard to measure parameters. We use this data as the basis for cost estimation of the process equipment.

    CPI can offer: •CFD modelling capability provides understanding of process performance and is used in troubleshooting existing processes •Process simulation models – for heat and material balances, techno economics and utilising optimisation. •Specific models of bespoke equipment types •All models, are validated based on operational data from CPI plant equipment

  • Pilot Demonstration Assesment

    We are unique in our ability to perform process reviews and combine this with practical work programmes that accelerate your path to commercialisation.

    With an outstanding open access asset base of £24m dedicated to proof of concept, scale up and commercialisation of industrial biotechnology processes, CPI is the partner of choice for your development programmes.

    CPI can demonstrate processes to 10,000L fermentation scale and can custom manufacture quantities of bio product for market and application testing. This enables you to conduct your process assessment and improvement studies prior to investing in your own production facility. You can utilise our multidisciplinary technical team and our extensive experience of process modelling to help review the feasibility of your process and accelerate the path to commercialisation.

    Implementation and testing of next generation technologies and novel unit operations can be accommodated within dedicated areas. The modular infrastructure allows for safe and efficient installation and operation of new process equipment. We manage the design, build and operation of new pilot and demonstration plants.

    At CPI we have invested in the development of state-of-the-art fermentation facilities including testing of C1 gases as low cost fermentation feedstocks.

    CPI can offer: •Scale-up demonstration from micro litres to 10,000L •Process optimisation •Evaluation of alternative feedstocks •Novel process technology testing and support •Access to fully equipped laboratories including novel C1 gas fermentation capability •Benchmarking through validated process economics •Process intensification

Explore our capabilities