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The UK’s only open-access gas fermentation laboratory

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State of the art Gas Fermentation

Our Gas Fermentation capability addresses the need for sustainable processes that capture waste green-house gases including carbon dioxide, utilising them to produce products for the food, feed, chemical and petrochemical markets.

Our Offer

  • Access to proven expertise to enable the safe development of scalable fermentation processes capable of utilising various C1-rich and flammable industrial gas streams (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and hydrogen) for the sustainable production of single cell protein for food and feed products, as well as platform and intermediate chemicals for the plastic and petrochemical industries. 
  • Access to state-of-the-art equipment including stainless steel safety engineered gas fermentation laboratory with up to 2x10L working volumes. 
  • Access to an experienced gas-fermentation technical team backed by comprehensive engineering expertise in gas safety engineering and HAZOP studies, process design, techno-economic analysis and computational-fluid-dynamic modelling and an operations team with extensive experience running demonstration scale gas fermentations on site. 

Why work with CPI

  • Extensive know-how and experience with gas fermentation processes 
  • Experience with single and multistage fermentation’s (e.g. heterotrophic-autotrophic concepts) 
  • Experience of projects from inception to commercial scale, through fully tailored services and an extensive knowledge of gas fermentation to reduce risk and speed up your time to market. 
  • Strong network in the area of CO2 Utilisation

  • Expertise in securing funding for partners 
  • Industry relevant expertise and assets 

The Facility

Our facility is designed to safely support fermentation process development at 1 – 10L scales, utilising various C1 gas, hydrogen and air mixtures as feedstock as well as traditional carbohydrate growth substrates.

Photo of Gas Fermentation equipment

CPI’s facility is equipped with a sophisticated array of gas monitoring, detection and control equipment. Each fermenter system is located within its own dedicated extracted cabinet which, together with the main laboratory area, are continuously monitored to ensure adequate extract flow and, through sensitive gas detectors, any leaks of process gases.

Photo of Scientist in Gas Fermentation Facility

The feedback systems provide both process and safety control by ensuring the composition of the gas mix is optimal for the growth of the microorganism under study and, importantly, also maintained within the defined safe operating window. The facility is already being successfully operated using methane, CO2, hydrogen and air mixtures as feedstock in support of existing customer projects.

Additional Features

  • Fully integrated trip & alarm system linked to each individual enclosure monitoring airflow & flammable gas detection. 
  • Gas monitoring throughout the main lab area integrated into the main control system monitoring flammable gas, CO2 detection, oxygen depletion and main extract failure systems

  • Fully integrated control panel & PLC system which is linked to individual fermenters, mass spec and control instruments. 
  • Ability to supply Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Liquid Natural Gas from cylinder. Flexibility to integrate other gases ( after appropriate safety reviews & modifications). 
  • Lab designed to run un manned” hours as well and remote monitoring ability. 

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