Digital and Data

Applying digital technologies to advance process innovation

Through the expert application of the latest digital tools and technologies, we accelerate the design and development of your products and processes, optimising the manufacturing process and helping you to make more informed, safe decisions to bring your innovations to market more quickly.


At CPI we bring together a deep, hands-on, understanding of industrial processes to the latest of digital technologies. We can apply these digital tools to real-world problems giving you the knowledge you need to make better decisions to improve your processes. We operate across many sectors including highly regulated markets such as pharma and MedTech. Here we can provide a real-world environment to validate and test innovative processes, software and hardware to facilitate adoption. 

Let us apply our specialist knowledge to transform your products, processes and services to accelerate your innovation journey.

Our technologies

Our experienced team can deploy the correct digital tools to design and model process, experiments, and products. Giving confidence in the success of your innovations before real-world implementation. 

We can collect the right data, from process equipment with embedded sensing, through to developing electronic-based sensor systems for large scale, cloud-integrated IoT deployment. 

Through our deep scientific and engineering knowledge linked to our expert application of digital tools, we can help you understand what your data means and how it can be used to improve processes. 

Key features

  • Applying multiphysics modelling solutions to optimise processes, design devices, products, and materials.
  • Developing, validating, and improving digital tools such as CAE, or sensor systems in a real-world environment, including under regulated QMS such as GMP or ISO13485
  • Developing large scale IoT systems through the design and scale-up of flexible hybrid electronics-based devices.

On this page

    Enabling innovation

    The global digital transformation has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic and is now touching more aspects of our daily lives than ever. Digital technology is accelerating many aspects of industry, from accelerating process development for process industries such as those employing chemical or biological processes, to the internet of things where companies are leveraging the value of data to improve their supply chains, logistics and consumer experiences. 

    At CPI, we can support your digital journey, across an incredibly broad spectrum of markets and capabilities. We support organisations to bring their products to market in diverse market areas from medtech, pharma through to biological processes for novel food and feed. 

    • We bring together our process understanding, the science of chemical, biological or physical processes to the digital tools that model, predict and analyse. 

    • We help you understand what the data is telling you so that you can improve your processes and digital models. 

    • We work with you to develop new sensor systems which we apply to processes to get data and then insights in real-time. 

    Come with us on your journey towards digital transformation. 

    Design – Digital design and optimisation of processes and products

    With expertise in chemical and biological processes alongside digital tools, we can help you fast track the implementation of new innovations by designing new products and manufacturing processes before we transfer them into the real world.

    We can support you with these digital tools to design products and processes more rapidly. This is especially valuable in the areas of formulated products, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology processes, and photonics enabled medtech and life sciences products. 

    Design of experiments (DoE) for applications such as: 

    • Rapid, high throughput screening of formulations to find the optimal solutions
    • Optimisation of bioreaction design such as growth medium optimisation in bioprocess development
    • Factorial DOE for pre-processing procedure of spectral/​optical data

    Multiphysics modelling, simulation and optimisation (e.g CFD, DEMFEA

    • Characterisation and optimisation of equipment and process design
    • Advanced process control and optimisation to increase overall process efficiency and assure product quality
    • Wide range of applicability e.g Chemical, physical and biological processes and composite materials/​structures
    • Single or multiphase models, applications of multiple tools and techniques in a single hybrid model 

    Optical, electronic and mechanical design 

    • Expertise in the design of light (photonic) based medical devices and life sciences instrumentation (PAT)
    • Design of IoT devices for high volume applications based on novel, non-PCB electronics such as flexible electronics 

    Data Generation and Collection – Enabling the collection of the correct data

    We can work with you to generate sufficient quantity & variation of high-quality data needed to support your decision making. This can be from sensors embedded in industrial processes or through the development, and large-scale manufacture, of novel electronic-based IoT devices with embedded sensing and communication to collect high granularity data when in application. 

    For industrial processes our expertise includes sensing within the mixing or wet granulation of formulated products and batch or continuous manufacturing processes for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. 

    High volume manufacture of flexible electronic sensing systems 

    • Design, development, and volume manufacture of smart tags with embedded sensing and communication 
    • Combination of discrete (COTS) components with printed electronic components 
    • Wide range of available components such as sensing, data logging and communications 

    Sensors and software for Process Analytical Technologies (PAT)

    • Real-time sensor feedback in production processes 
    • Sensors for wet processes, powders and granules 
    • Sensors for bioreactors, fluid mixing and twin-screw granulators 

    Advanced/​model predictive control 

    • Model identification development for chemical and biological processes (digital twin)
    • Soft sensor development inferring new real-time measurements from existing sensors 
    • Application of supervisory predictive control to supplement existing process control systems 

    Model validation and verification of data quality 

    • Generation of process or experimental data to validate and refine computational models Cross-validation of process or experimental data and computational models 
    • Sensor calibration & characterisation and comparing with expected data measurement error analysis 
    • Automatic determination of process data quality 

    Understand – Transforming data into knowledge and insights

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    We have the expertise to transform large complex and often multivariant data into intelligence and insights. This will give you better understanding to providing you with the insights you need for improved decision making. Through this deep understanding of your data we can subsequently support you to optimise your processes and help you to concentrate on what factors are important as you realise the benefits of your innovations.

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    Multivariate Statistical Analysis 

    • Detect trends in spectral data and mass spectrometry 
    • Data interrogation for genomics, proteomics and metabolomics 
    • Find patterns in complex multidimensional data 
    • Feature engineering for model development 

    Automated analysis of process data and experimental results 

    • Automatic determination of process data quality — 
    • Cross-validation of process data and computational models 
    • Development of soft/​virtual sensors to supplement hardware sensors 
    • Particle size, shape and density and distribution detection for inks and formulations 

    Advanced/​model predictive control 

    • Application of predictive process control to improve process understanding, performance and consistency of output 
    • Demonstration of predictive process control on open access pilot equipment 
    • Combining experimentation with modelling & simulation to develop deep process understanding and optimal process control 

    User interface, ease of understanding, data translation 

    • Taking complex data and making it easy to understand 
    • Helping you to understand what the data means, and why it’s important 
    • Feeding back evidence-based information to aid with your decision making 

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    CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.