Smart Packaging for Pharmaceuticals

Prescribing smart packaging solutions for you

Prescribing smart packaging solutions for you

Embedding advanced features into packaging such as sensing or wireless communication makes packaging smart” which can provide significant functionality. The packaging then becomes not only a way to protect and provide information on medicines, but can add a whole host of extra functionality which can even be part of a IoT enabled connected system. In the pharma industry, this smart packaging can reduce supply chain losses through enhanced environmental monitoring, support improved patient adherence through smart adherence packaging and increase security through adding anti-tamper or unclonable serialisation technologies. 

Can your technology be applied to, or integrated within packaging materials in order to make packaging smart”?

Are you working on digital solutions for pharma to enable increased supply chain transparency, integrity, control or safety at any stage through the pharma supply chain allowing you to track patient adherence?

A Smart Approach to Pharma

Making your packaging smarter using embedded smart and connected electronics provides a competitive edge to your packaging solutions. 

Our solutions can transform the pharmaceutical supply chain, providing information to improve transparency, reduce waste and empower improved supply chain management. These benefits can be realised through providing tailored information on medicines especially to patients with accessibility restrictions or supporting improved patient adherence through smart pill packs.

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How do we make this possible?

CPI’s world class facilities and expertise in developing innovative smart packaging technology for supply chain optimisation, uniquely places us as a key partner for innovative businesses.

Printable electronics adds another dimension to IoT products and enables electronics to be added to surfaces which are difficult using traditional rigid electronics. This novel technology produces flexible electronic devices that are ultra-thin, and combined with printed sensors which collect a wide range of data.

Pharmaceutical label production

At CPI we help companies to develop, prove, and scale-up the next generation of products and processes. Our recently expanded printable electronics facility provides clients of all sizes with the ability to combine design, application and production of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and devices. 

At CPI we have the technology to support smart packaging development and scale-up:

  • Produce sensors to monitor a range of environmental conditions: temperature, humidity and shock
  • Bespoke equipment to print electronics at large scale and large widths
  • Adhere both sensors and printable electronics on to thin and flexible substrates, directly embed within packaging, or on to 3D objects, such as individual medicine bottles
  • Create low mass printable electronics
  • Sensors combined with printable electronics at high volume to test concepts at commercial levels
  • IoT enabled sensors using RFID and NFC technology, allowing monitoring of location and environmental conditions from any android device
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Our Unique Capability

Our smart packaging technology enables global supply chain traceability through data capture. By providing you with product track and trace, security measures, and allowing you to track patient adherence, this technology can inform inventory demand management and allow drug quality and condition monitoring. We support accelerated drug manufacturing and release strategies that reduce clinical and commercial supply chain delays. This leads to increased inventory turnover and the release of company capital. 

Temperature sensing

Temperature sensing

Accurately monitor medicines down to an individual package level. Assure product integrity for temperature and shock sensitive medicines passing through complex supply chains.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

We can accurately monitor sensitive shipments down to an individual package level. Communicate directly with patients to increase adherence and create personalised treatment regimes. Real time monitoring of products at an item level, providing increased visibility on high value or strictly controlled regimes.



Accurately monitor vibration and shock sensitive shipments down to an individual package level. Ability to log when/​or where shock occurred. Protect against product tampering and provide security.



For sensitive shipments where exact location is to be known in real time, GPS components can be added/​enabled to give location data that can be logged or communicated wirelessly to data management systems, enabling seamless supply chain integration.Increase supply chain visibility leading to data driven demand signals and collect data collection from patients about medicine consumption.

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