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Smart Packaging for Logistics

Unpacking the potential of smart packaging

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Unpacking the potential of smart packaging

Digital technologies such as the Internet of Things are changing how logistics companies operate. In order to compete, existing companies need to innovate to survive as new entrants are providing enhanced solutions through digital technologies.

Are you working on digital solutions for logistics to enable increased supply chain transparency, integrity, control or safety at any stage through the supply chain from internal warehousing, through freight transportation to the ‘last mile’?

Can your technology be integrated within packaging materials in order to make packaging “smart”?

Making Logistics Smarter

Making your packaging smarter using embedded IoT connected electronics provides a competitive edge to your logistics business. From better supply chain management which drives business efficiencies; to providing two-way communication with consumers and couriers.

Our solutions can transform the logistics supply chain, providing information to improve productivity, reduce waste and directly engage customers and couriers.

Smart Packaging for Logistics
Logistics Dashboard

How do we make this possible?

CPI’s world class facilities and expertise in printable electronics is applied to developing innovative smart packaging technology for supply chain optimisation, and uniquely places us as a key partner for innovative businesses.

Printable electronics enables electronics that are ultra-thin and flexible, which can be applied to surfaces or embedded in products, at a volume and price point which is difficult to achieve using traditional rigid electronics.

At CPI we help companies to develop, prove, and scale-up the next generation of products and processes. Our recently expanded printable electronics facility provides clients of all sizes with the ability to combine design, prototype, test and prove the manufacturability of IoT enabled products and devices.

At CPI we have high throughput, production relevant equipment to:

  • print electronics, which can include circuits, antennae, sensors or more complex electronic components onto a range of materials (plastics, paper and textiles)
  • combine these printable electronics with conventional electronics (including from a wafer) to produce thin, flexible electronic devices, which can be readily applied to packaging.

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Our Unique Capability

We can provide a service to develop flexible electronic based internet of things solutions to enable high data granularity throughout the supply chain. This could be in the form of smart packaging that is designed and manufactured for a specific application that can be tailored for cost and functionality. This provides unit level information, such as item-level logging but also environmental sensing and the ability to communicate this information wirelessly.

Temperature sensing
Accurately monitor cold chain shipments down to an individual package level. Log when temperature excursions occurred. Reduce supply chain wastage and improve efficiency through deeper understanding and control of cold chain logistics.

Humidity sensing
We can accurately monitor sensitive shipments down to an individual package level. Ability to log when/or where humidity excursions occurred. Reduce supply chain wastage and improve efficiency through deeper understanding and control of humidity sensitive logistics.

Accurately monitor vibration and shock sensitive shipments down to an individual package level. Ability to log when/or where shock occurred. Reduce supply chain wastage and improve efficiency through deeper understanding and control of vibration sensitive logistics.

For sensitive shipments where exact location is to be known in real time, GPS components can be added/enabled to give location data that can be logged or communicated wirelessly to data management systems, enabling seamless supply chain integration.

Why work with us?

Experts in securing finance

Our personal bid managers can translate the complex funding environment for technology, innovation and development, into a suitable route for commercialisation. The team support you in identifying the most appropriate funding source, navigating the application process, and drawing on their expertise to ensure you have the best chance in securing essential public funding.

Partnering with business

CPI has a long track record of collaborating with large and smaller organisations through all stages of product development and commercialisation.

Our understanding of the research and development funding landscape means we can identify opportunities for businesses and guide them through the process.

Our network of connections means we can advise on potential collaborative partners for large organisations looking to work with innovative SMEs.

How to work with us?

Fee for Service

These follow a more traditional model, through bespoke tailor made work packages to address your needs and requirements. Projects can range from utilising our unique expertise through consultancy and technical support, to extensive process development and optimisation programmes with supporting analytics.

Collaborative Research and Development

These CR&D programmes draw on a range of public funding options such as Innovate UK or Horizon 2020 providing non-diluting funding for your needs. Our specialised bid managers can assist you in finding the right funding scheme for your project, giving you the best chance of success in a difficult funding landscape.

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