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Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre

The Future of Pharmaceutical Production

Developing Next-generation Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre is a unique, state-of-the-art facility offering transformative solutions in small molecule and fine chemical manufacturing. A collaboration between CPI, the University of Strathclyde, AstraZeneca and GSK, the centre will be based in Renfrewshire, Scotland and supported by government funding from Scottish Enterprise and Innovate UK. The aim is to alleviate many of the pressures on pharmaceutical and healthcare providers by addressing key challenges along the supply chain.

Pensioner with Prescription Medicine

The key challenges facing pharmaceutical and healthcare providers today

Ageing populations, the soaring cost of drug development, and resource constraints impeding the adoption of emergent technologies are just some of the challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry today.

The increasing financial burden on the healthcare system as a whole has led to a pressing need for more effective and patient-centric medication, which in turn makes the potential of digital and data-enabled healthcare even more important.


How the Centre is addressing these challenges

The aim of the Centre is to accelerate the development of a new generation of manufacturing processes and to help companies integrate these within their existing models.

The evolution of pharmaceutical clinical development and manufacture is vital and there are many ways the Centre can bring about change.

Novel techniques for producing patient-centric medicines, real-time release of drugs and integrated process analytics are all able to drive the transformation of medicines manufacturing and reduce the financial burden on payers and governments. Flexible and modular manufacturing for stratified medicine production, the ability to use next-generation technology in a GMP-capable environment and enabling efficient production can also protect future generations by bringing new medicines to market safely and quickly.

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