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Meeting climate goals: an urgent need for transforming the global food system 

What are planetary boundaries? How are they impacted by the climate crisis? And how can food systems curb global temperature rise by 2030

Dec 15 2023

I’m dreaming of a green Christmas: A letter from a sustainable festive future 

With all the innovations we’re developing, what does a sustainable future Christmas look like? John takes us on a journey into the future to find out. 

Dec 14 2023

CPI in the news in 2023 

CPI has had many honourable mentions in various news outlets this year. Eddie Steinson, our Senior Press Officer, tells us about CPI’s top news moments. 

Dec 14 2023

The low-emission, environmentally friendly burger of the future 

Here is how the burger of the future may look, using sustainable novel foods for a smaller environmental impact on our planet. 

Dec 12 2023

Driving the circular economy: systems approach that includes life-cycle thinking 

What is circular economy? What is life-cycle analysis? And why is it important to build a circular economy? Dan Noakes answers your questions in this blog. 

Dec 06 2023

Big Concepts in Brief: What is Circular Economy? 

Dan answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Circular Economy, from its basic definition to its impact on the environment. 

Dec 06 2023

Navigating the path to a greener pharmaceutical industry 

Greenhouse gas emissions from the pharmaceutical industry are 55% higher per dollar of revenue than those emitted by the automotive sector. 

Dec 01 2023

A year of delivering impact at the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre 

It’s been a year since we opened our Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Scotland. Here, we share some of the highlights over the past year. 

Nov 29 2023

Funding received for new Advanced Materials Battery Industrialisation Centre 

CPI will benefit from investment funding to help boost British production of sustainable batteries. 

Nov 27 2023
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