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How innovation is reducing the emissions of the UK’s foundation industries 

The foundation industries account for 2.5% of UK GDP, however, they are the UK’s biggest polluter. Here’s how we’re making them more sustainable. 

Aug 31 2023

6 ways solid-state batteries are better than lithium-ion alternatives in electric vehicles 

What’s the difference between solid-state and lithium-ion batteries? How do lithium-ion batteries work and why are solid-state ones better in EVs? 

Aug 24 2023

How technology is making food production smarter, more secure and more sustainable 

The digitalisation of the food production industry uses novel technologies to ensure that our food systems are smart, secure and sustainable. 

Aug 10 2023

How more inclusive workplaces can breed innovation 

Why do we need an inclusive and diverse ecosystem to drive innovation? Matthew Herbert, Head of Marketing and Communications shares his insights. 

Jul 31 2023

New Foundation Industries Consortium to drive low carbon innovation across UK materials industries 

The Foundation Industries Sustainability Consortium will deliver innovation to transform vital material industries in the UK

Jul 28 2023

New memorandum of understanding with India’s CSIR — National Chemical Laboratory to decarbonise the pharma industry 

The MoU aims to decarbonise India’s pharma industry, including finding sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and minimise waste. 

Jul 25 2023

How a pandemic legacy is shaping the UK’s scientific landscape 

Our RNA Centre of Excellence was built in response to COVID-19, but its mission has expanded to become the UK’s hub for developing RNA-based vaccines. 

Jul 20 2023

Our CPI Enterprises value creation process 

What is CPI Enterprises? How does it enable deep tech innovation with investment and venture capital engagement? Learn more about our work and process. 

Jul 17 2023

Impact in places 

In our fifth blog in this six-part series on impactful innovation, we outline how CPI drives place-based innovation at sites like NETPark in County Durham. 

Jul 14 2023
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