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CPI awarded globally recognised certificate for food safety 

The certification is a vital step towards CPI helping startup companies produce product samples which can then be tested for their texture and taste. 

Jul 11 2023

Unleashing the power of sustainable innovation for medicines manufacturing in the UK 

Here’s how the UK can lead on sustainable medicines manufacturing – from minimising the industry’s carbon footprint to creating more than 116,000 new jobs. 

Jun 29 2023

Planting the seeds of success and tracking impact for biopolymer trailblazer, Chestnut Bio 

Our work with Chestnut Bio is one example of the positive environmental impact we strive for. Here is how we’re transforming the forestry industry. 

Jun 27 2023

CPI Enterprises to help fund innovative medical device for brain tumours 

CPI Enterprises invests in QV Bioelectronics’ medical device that interrupts cancer cell division increasing long-term survival for brain tumour patients. 

Jun 26 2023

CPI to develop digital bioprocess modelling techniques to help bring innovative treatments to market faster 

CPI awarded £1.9 million to develop first-of-its-kind digital approach to bioprocess modelling to help bring innovative treatments to market faster. 

Jun 12 2023

CPI and VaxEquity collaboration aims to advance the manufacturing of innovative vaccines and treatments 

A grant of almost £700,000 has been awarded by Innovate UK to VaxEquity and CPI to develop the manufacturing process of innovative vaccines and treatments. 

Jun 05 2023

Novel drug delivery one-stop shop 

We’re establishing a brand-new Intracellular Drug Delivery Centre, alongside our partners, to develop novel RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics. 

May 31 2023

Tracking CPI’s impact on genetic medicine pioneer, Touchlight 

We measure impact many years after partnering with clients to explore how CPI’s support influenced a range of factors including growth and societal impact. 

May 23 2023

NiTech-led project wins funds to develop new and innovative battery technology 

NiTech Solutions’ CatContiCryst wins funding from UKRI’s Faraday Battery Challenge to develop a new technology for Li-ion batteries for electric vehicles. 

May 18 2023
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