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Top Moments of 2022 

Discover how 2022 once again demonstrated how CPI adds real value to research, development impacting science and technology innovation. 

Dec 16 2022

Five steps to a sustainable holiday season 

Can innovation make Christmas more eco-friendly whilst keeping it jolly? 

Dec 15 2022

The ABC of developing more sustainable materials 

The world-leading partners we work with – including KCMC’s two new PIs at the University of Southampton – hold net-zero solutions in their hands. 

Dec 14 2022

NeoVac and CPI partner to accelerate next-generation RNA vaccine technology to clinical trials 

We’re helping NeoVac fast-track its lipid nanoparticle technology to clinical trials, to make RNA products more transportable, and have fewer side effects. 

Dec 13 2022

Fabrication laboratory to advance customised FMCG installed at CPI 

DIY4U announces the successful installation of a fabrication laboratory at CPI, bringing us closer to customised fast-moving consumer goods. 

Dec 08 2022

CPI opens world-leading Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre in Scotland to raise the bar in pharma manufacturing 

Our Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre opens in Glasgow, with leading digital transformation provider Atos the latest to join the partnership. 

Nov 30 2022

CPI invests in BiologIC Technologies to advance next-generation bioprocess innovation 

We have invested in BiologIC Technologies (BiologIC), our seventh CPI Enterprises investment to date. 

Nov 29 2022

High Value Manufacturing Catapult signs MoU with Greater Manchester to provide £1.7 billion manufacturing boost 

The HVM Catapult joins forces with Innovation Greater Manchester and Greater Manchester Combined Authority to drive industrial transformation. 

Nov 16 2022

Collaborating to drive the future of sustainable biotechnology 

Collaboration is central to our culture, enabling us to support the biotechnology industry to deliver sustainable solutions for a cleaner, greener future. 

Nov 14 2022
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