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The promise of cultivated meat – are we any closer to this being a truly affordable and sustainable protein source? 

Cultivated meat is set to transform our food systems and cut down carbon emissions. But when will it become an affordable and sustainable protein source? 

Mar 21 2024

CPI plays pivotal role in trial to make everyday products from CO2 emissions 

A trial taking the carbon dioxide produced from factory chimneys and recycling it into chemcical ingredients has begun through the Flue2Checm project. 

Mar 14 2024

CPI to play a crucial role in new Rochdale-based innovation centre 

The Centre of Expertise in Advanced Materials and Sustainability will provide innovative green manufacturing solutions to transform the materials industry. 

Mar 05 2024

CPI and North East innovators awarded half a million fund for cultivated meat project 

CPI, Marrabio and Aelius Biotech have been awarded close to £500,000 from Innovate UK to develop more cost-effective methods of producing cultivated meat. 

Feb 27 2024

Barbie & STEM 

Barbie has an impressive resume when it comes to STEM jobs, inspiring little girls since day one. But we can’t leave it all to a doll. Here’s why… 

Feb 11 2024

CPI’s RNA Centre of Excellence passes major milestone with GMP certification 

The certificate enables CPI to support its partners in a complete RNA therapeutics journey to accelerate medicines and vaccines for clinical trials. 

Feb 07 2024

CPI and Pioneer Group come together to create Golden Ticket’ programme for green innovations 

The Golden Ticket programme is open to hydrogen and climate technology companies using green innovation to tackle the climate change crisis. 

Jan 30 2024

Six Scottish innovations that have changed the world 

Going all the way back to 1748, up to our modern world, these six Scottish inventions had immeasurable impact on a wide range of industries and sectors. 

Jan 29 2024

High-potential sectors shaping up for dynamic innovation in 2024 

These sectors of industry are shaping up for dynamic innovation in 2024

Jan 08 2024
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