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CPI and HVM Catapult partners to take part in 800 km charity cycle ride

CPI, along with other High Value Manufacturing Catapult partners, have organised and are taking part in an 800km cycle ride to raise money for charity.

Jun 25 2019

Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre project to deliver Just in Time clinical trials

The Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, a collaboration with partners has reached the next milestone in delivering automated Just in Time clinical trials.

Jun 19 2019

CPI strengthens commercialisation route for green chemicals research with new partnership

CPI has helped The University of Nottingham move a step closer to achieving its goal of commercialising research into developing sustainable chemicals.

Jun 18 2019

CPI to showcase results from BioStreamline project developing novel biotherapeutics

CPI event will showcase results of collaborative £11.2M BioStreamline project to optimise development of novel biotherapeutics

Jun 17 2019

CPI Charity Football Tournament a Huge Success

On Friday 7th June, CPI organised and took part in a charity football match in association with the MFC Foundation.

Jun 11 2019

Innovation: our most valuable industry?

Innovation is a much overused and clichéd word. While to many, it is often intangible — not quite a commodity but accepted as being essential in creating new products — it is, in my opinion, the lifeblood of industry. Without innovation, companies lose their competitive edge, resulting in a slowdown of economic activity.

Jun 10 2019

Students from Clavering Primary School in Hartlepool spend a morning with CPI

The children of Clavering Primary school visited CPI on 25th April 2019 to experience science in industry.

Jun 04 2019

CPI Supports GlycoSeLect to Develop High Throughput Glycan Analysis Platform for Biotherapeutics

CPI has contributed its expertise in biotherapeutics to support an Innovate UK funded project focused on developing and integrating novel recombinant prokaryotic lectins (RPLs) into a biosensor-based platform.

Jun 04 2019

Innovate for Environmental Sustainability

Discover how Innovation and the development of new technologies, products and manufacturing process has a huge role to play in making existing products and processes more sustainable and energy efficient to reduce environmental impact.

May 07 2019
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