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What is RNA and how is it used for therapeutics? 

mRNA vaccines played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what is RNA? And what other diseases can it cure? Louise Taylor tells us more. 

Jul 23 2024

Future Food System 2050: What will it look like? 

What innovations will feature in the future food system? How is the environmental crisis driving this transformation? How will we ensure a just transition? 

Jul 18 2024

Big Concepts in Brief: What are Alternative Proteins? 

Alternative proteins, in various forms, are already being consumed on a daily basis. What are alternative proteins? Kris Wadrop answers all. 

Jul 17 2024

CPI publishes report calling for RNA skills development 

The report, supported by FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, highlights the need for a skilled UK taskforce to realise the potential of RNA technologies. 

Jul 16 2024

How innovation can stem the threat of antimicrobial resistance 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the most critical health challenges. What is AMR? And what role does innovation play in facing this challenge? 

Jul 15 2024

Fantasy football: 11 innovations changing the game 

As Europe’s top footballing nations battle it out in the Euros, we look at some of the innovations changing the game, or that could do so soon. 

Jul 10 2024

CPI is set to revolutionise healthcare in the North East with 5G networks 

A one-million-pound accelerator programme will explore how 5G technologies can improve and speed up the delivery of healthcare services in the North East. 

Jul 09 2024

How CPI is using engineering biology to help the UK tackle global challenges 

Advanced medicines, sustainable food production and manufacturing are all made possible through engineering biology. How is CPI harnessing its potential? 

Jul 02 2024

How our Digital Membership is unlocking the digital transformation of pharma for industry 5.0

What is the Digital Membership? And how is it driving the digitalisation of the pharma industry? Jess Andrews dives deep into its concept and objectives. 

Jul 02 2024
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