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Use This Amazing Innovation Tool to Always Reach the Full Potential of Your Business

How diagnostic tools like the Innovation Integrator® can help you discover your innovation gaps and improve your company’s innovation management.

Nov 01 2017

New UK Healthcare Photonics Centre looks to Revolutionise Medical Technologies

Discover how CPI’s Healthcare Photonics Centre looks to use light to improve medical technologies.

Oct 27 2017

Smart Buildings: Using Printed and Organic Electronics to create Sustainable Spaces

Printed and organic electronics enable a wide range of sustainable applications in smart buildings with the market predicted to grow to $73.43 billion in 2027.

Aug 30 2017

Investing in Agri-Tech — Why agricultural innovation is so important

Traditional agricultural methods are not sustainable. Agricultural Innovation is essential and can be achieved through investing in agri-tech.

Aug 04 2017

Partnerships Unlock Innovation in the Chemical Sector

Strategic collaboration can be the key to unlocking successful innovation in the chemical sector

Jul 17 2017

Internet of Things and Healthcare in the Home

Imagine a future that connects every stage of Healthcare to the Internet of Things (IoT). Where healthcare is accessible from your home, totally hassle-free.

May 31 2017

Using Open Innovation to Move Mondelez to Industry 4.0

We invited Mondelez, the American multinational confectionary company, to share with us how the company tackles open innovation at various stages of the innovation pipeline.

May 22 2017

Looking into the Future of Regenerative Medicine

Picture this; a world where medicine is designed not to heal, but to regenerate. Regenerative medicine is best described as new translational research competing to reach commercialisation.

May 18 2017

How Science Is Using Viruses To Make You Better

Viruses conjure images of illness. However, to the scientific community, they might help in curing illness, we look at viral vectors.

Apr 28 2017
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