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CPI Wins Industry Award for its Work to Improve 3D Force Touch

The 3D Force Touch Sensor picked up the Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator accolade at LOPEC.

Apr 15 2018

Five innovative technologies for healthcare

How do healthcare products get from academic or start-up labs to the clinic? Discover how CPI is facilitating innovation within healthcare.

Mar 26 2018

Sowing the Seeds to Success using Degree Apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships are offering CPI the opportunity to develop, nurture and grow a more qualified workforce.

Mar 07 2018

Review: Formulation Forum Launch Event 2018

A review of the Formulation Forum Launch Event 2018 that CPI attended

Jan 29 2018

Top Moments of 2017

Look back at CPI’s top 2017 moments — a year of innovation and achievement alongside SMEs, universities and corporates.

Jan 01 2018

Creating a Deluxe Smart Building with Printed and Organic Electronics

How printed and organic electronics technology can help to create your ultimate sustainable smart building.

Dec 13 2017

What Will Christmas Look Like in the Future?

With innovation increasing, it may not be long before futuristic technologies change our festive traditions forever.

Dec 12 2017

To Safeguard North East Pharma Industry, Economic Contributions Must Be Enhanced

To safeguard the strength of North East pharma industry, economic contributions must be enhanced.

Dec 08 2017

How Quality by Design Can Improve Your Product Packing

How Quality by Design can make and package formulated products, improving customer satisfaction and bottom lines.

Nov 23 2017
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