Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Chief People Officer

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19 Oct 2022 

Meet the Team: Alexander Greer, Placement Student 

13 Oct 2022 

Meet the Team: Bryan Wong, Placement Student 

10 Oct 2022 

Meet the Team: Libby Forster, Research Scientist 

27 Sept 2022 

The Power of Now: our proactive approach to inclusivity 

21 Jul 2022 

Meet the Team: Lena Rusa, Finance Business Partner 

Meet the Team: Abby Burr, Learning and Development Business Partner 

23 Jun 2022 

12 Apr 2022 

Meet the Team: Abby Clark, Apprentice Scientist, Downstream Processing Team 

08 Mar 2022 

Meet the Team: Becky Fields, Marketing and Communications Business Partner 

11 Feb 2022 

How we’re supporting women and girls in science 

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