Blog 10 Oct 2022 

Meet the Team: Libby Forster, Research Scientist

Our Meet the Team blog series celebrates our incredible people from across CPI.

Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Chief People Officer

In this blog, we’re meeting one of our incredible Research Scientists, Libby Forster. Libby joined CPI on a placement as part of her university degree before becoming a full-time employee after graduation. Libby gained a huge amount of experience and confidence during her placement, and you can read more below about what she does at CPI and why she loves working here.

What do you do at CPI?

I’m a Research Scientist on the nanopharmaceuticals team. I do things like encapsulating different actives into nanoparticles, which can be used for different things like vaccines or chemotherapy agents.

What did you do before joining CPI?

I did a Master’s in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at Newcastle University. During my degree, I was offered the opportunity to do a 12-month placement with CPI, working in the colloids team. I worked on a variety of projects, many of which were in nanopharmaceuticals. I worked on both commercial projects and strategic projects, the latter of which I worked on in collaboration with both academic and industry partners.

Why did you join CPI?

I chose to do my placement at CPI because of its work in a variety of markets that interested me. I saw the opportunity to broaden my experience as I would be working across lots of different projects and areas of the business. I really enjoyed the medicinal part of my degree too so the fact that CPI worked in nanopharmaceuticals, and pharmaceuticals generally, was really attractive to me.

What do you like about working at CPI?

During my placement, I learned so much and gained so much experience. Not only that, but my confidence really grew too. I think my placement at CPI was instrumental in assisting my career progression. Now, as a full-time employee, I really enjoy the range of work I get to do, and above all else, it’s a lovely place to work with really lovely people!

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