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Facilities and Equipment

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Browse our Printable Electronics Equipment

CPI’s National Printable Electronics Centre includes 1250m2 of Class 1000 and 100 Clean Room space and is supported by fully equipped formulations, electrical test and R&D laboratories. CPI also operate a commercial scale integrated smart systems print facility which is situated in a non clean room environment.

Tamarack Stepper Tool

Tamarack Stepper (photolithography - patterning of ITO / Aluminium grid)

OLED/OPV Prototyping Line

CPI’s OLED/OPV Prototyping Line has been designed to enable the development and production of organic light emitting diode and organic photovoltaic technologies.

Aurion Etcher

The Aurion Etcher is an Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) plasma etching system with 2 Process chambers. It has O2, N2, Ar and CF4 process gases, with a spare line for an additional gas.

SCT Sputterer

SCT Sputterer - Manual load onto pallets, up to 15 pallets per run

Solar Semi Wet Etch Cleaner

The Solar Semi Wet Etch Cleaner handles 8 inch, 12 inch and GEN2 sized substrates.

Solar Semi Coating Bake Development Tool

The Coat Bake Development tool handles 8 inch, 12 inch and GEN2 size substrates. It is fully automated and capable of spinning photo resists and other coatings with good uniformity.

The Orbotech Measurement Tool

The Orbotech measurement tool is used for defectivity measurement and can handle 4 inch to GEN2 size plates.

Muetec MT 5500 Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

The Muetec MT5500 AOI system is designed for single substrates up to 22 inch, demonstrating the capability to develop, manufacture, and service customised tools for printable electronics applications.

Beneq TFS-500 Atomic Layer Deposition Batch tool

The Atomic Layer Deposition tool deposits nano-scale thicknesses of materials under highly controlled conditions in a vacuum to enable the tight control of material properties.

Beneq Roll to Roll Atomic Layer Deposition Tool

CPI offers a roll to roll atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool which is capable of handling films up to 600mm wide with thicknesses ranging from 20 – 200 µm and can produce an active coat width of 480mm.

Pilot Sputter Roll-to-Roll Coater

CPI operate a pilot scale roll-to-roll vacuum sputter coater capable of handing films with widths up to 400mm, thickness range 12 – 250µm and roll lengths up to 2000m.

Inkjet Flex

CPI has recently acquired the digital prototyping assets of Conductive Inkjet Technology (CIT) and its associated licences and know-how. Going forward the technology is available under the name of Inkjet Flex.

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