The OpTek Die Singulation Tool

The OpTek Die Singulation Tool uses a proprietary laser based approach for the conversion of wafer scale printed electronic films into individual devices.

The OpTek tool combines the means to dice plastic films, release the bond between the film and glass carrier and transfer the individual die to a carrier tape for downstream integration.

The tool is designed for flexibility, providing the means to accommodate a range of device types and sizes, while delivering exceptional process quality and control. The die size, release parameters, die pick positions, die placement and tape indexing are all independently programmable.

The pick-to-tape function of the tool combines a great degree of flexibility from a robust unit that delivers fast cycle times and excellent repeat accuracy. Based on a 3x5mm die size the unit will reliably place an 8” wafer of die to tape at a rate of several thousand die/​hour, providing the means to create rolls of die to feed downstream integration to customer products.

The Autoflex tool has been packaged as a flexible development tool, allowing partners to explore the development of printed electronic devices and singulate these in sufficient volume to enable testing, market development, product qualification and early stage production. The processes embedded in the tool are well suited to volume production, providing a route for manufacturing scale-up.

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