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Project ForTaMP

Project Details

Start Date
31 Mar 2020
End Date
28 Feb 2023
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About Project ForTaMP

Formulation Technology applied to Materials and Products — CPI’s ForTaMP programme supports enterprising SMEs across the Leeds City Region (LCR) to commercialise formulated products. 

CPI will proactively engage in region with the LCR SME base from its Formulation Campus, situated at NETPark, County Durham.

Specifically, CPI will assist SMEs active within or seeking to access the health/​personal care, consumer goods, materials and food & drink sectors via the application of colloid chemistry, nano-technology, powder processing and materials science.

ForTaMP provides bespoke support relevant to the stage of development of the SME. This includes innovation management, access to CPI’s Innovation Integrator® toolbox, assistance with supply-chain construction and technical development. Support for SME product/​process development will be offered at appropriate scales, ranging from laboratory to pilot and prototyping.