Process scale-up and optimisation

Advancing innovation through process design.

Our Process Engineering group use its extensive knowledge of process design coupled with our state-of-the-art facilities to enable customers and partners to safely navigate the process scale-up journey, to find the optimal scale-up route for novel manufacturing processes.

We de-risk innovation by combining an understanding of the underpinning science behind processes with the design and operation of pilot and commercial scale facilities, to enable us to develop processes which are robust, safe, profitable and sustainable.

Our understanding of equipment performance at both small and large scale, coupled with in-house scale-down methodology and modelling & simulation capability, significantly mitigates process risk during scale-up. Processes modelled to predict performance across various scales of operation can be more rapidly and reliably developed through to commercial scale.

Process Scale up

Process scale-up

Our facilities contain flexible lab-to-pilot scale equipment, with powerful inline process analytical technique capabilities, allowing us to learn small, fast, and thoroughly. In addition, we can investigate batch-to-continuous processing at varying scales.

This is supported by significant complementary off-line analytical and characterisation capabilities that facilitate an understanding of chemical kinetics, product quality and performance.

Process Design

Process engineering design

By combining our in-house process engineering design, commissioning and process operation capabilities, we can translate your processes from the initial lab scale through to the pilot demonstration scale all under one roof. 

With our broad knowledge and understanding across a range of industries and technologies, we can create bespoke bench and pilot scale systems to demonstrate, optimise and prove processes.

Economic & Life Cycle Analysis

Economic and life cycle analysis

Economic and environmental sustainability are critical factors in the scale-up of any process, and we’ve developed several tools to help you gain a strong understanding of your process’s financial and environmental impact.

Any engineering design work carried out can be linked back into a techno-economic analysis and/​or life cycle analysis, to ensure your developed process has the best chance of being profitable and environmentally sustainable.

pilot plant design

Pilot plant design, build and operation

Alongside our flexible, multi-purpose piloting facilities, CPI are also able to design, build and operate bespoke lab and pilot scale processes for a wide range of industries and technology areas.

By combining our process design, commissioning and operation capabilities, alongside a strong local and national network of engineering companies & fabricators, we can translate your processes from the initial lab scale through to pilot demonstration scale all under one roof. 

Modelling and simulation

Multiphysics Modelling

We’ve developed extensive physics modelling capabilities, using and combining techniques such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Discrete Element Method (DEM) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the scalability of processes and equipment, including the generation of scale-down models of our own in-house equipment to ensure any experimentation being done in our laboratories is relevant to operation at full scale. 

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Barrie Rhodes

Barrie Rhodes

Business Development Director

Process Modelling

Process Modelling

Alongside its Multiphysics modelling capability, CPI also uses a range of industry-established process modelling tools to support process design activities in development of process flowsheets, mass & energy balances, equipment selection and sizing, and Capital and Operating cost (CAPEX & OPEX) estimations, whilst we also have access to industry standard tools for the specification and sizing of process safety equipment such as pressure relief devices. 

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headshot of alex smith


Alex Smith CEng – Head of Process Safety & Engineering 

Alex is a chartered Chemical Engineer and an expert in the application of engineering design and modelling & simulation tools in the scale-up of novel processes. 

With a background and experience across industry areas from iron & steel to biotechnology, energy, recycling and speciality chemicals, Alex is responsible for engineering design and modelling project delivery and capability development, focusing on the scale-up and demonstration of novel processes. 

Headshot of mona

Mona Gayle-Jinadu – Process Technology Manager 

Mona is a Chemical Engineer with over 15 years industrial experience working for ICI and AkzoNobel in research and development and engineering roles across a wide range of sectors mainly fine chemicals and FMCG

Mona’s particular expertise is in managing engineering teams in a commercial and collaborative environment and chemical and process safety. Mona has a strong background in REACh, COSHH, colloid science, rheology, microwave technology, printing techniques and patents. 

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