Oxford Instruments PlasmaLab 80 Plus

PlasmaLab 80plus® PECVD system, made by Oxford Instruments, is a multipurpose tool capable of depositing silicon oxide, silicon nitride, amorphous silicon, and other films.

The machine is controlled by a PC that runs the PlasmaLab 800 software. The sample susceptor is 10 inches in diameter that can hold 6 or 8 inch wafer or several 4 inch and smaller wafers for processing.

Compound III‑V semiconductor material can also be processed in this tool on a carrier wafer. The Plasmalab 80Plus system is a versatile plasma etch tool with convenient open loading in a compact and small-footprint. The Plasmalab 80 Plus system is ideally suited to R&D or small scale production and it has a wide range of applications including RIE reactive ion etching and metal and polyimide etch.