nTact nRad2 Slot Die Coater

A sheet-to-sheet processing tool for the deposition of uniform thin films of material via slot-die and used across a wide variety of applications. 

The tool is capable of depositing samples up to Gen 2 (370mm x 470mm) size with <±5% cross and down web uniformity. While film thicknesses are material dependent, thicknesses of 10 nanometres to 100 micrometres can be achieved 

Materials of viscosity 1 – 20000cP may be processed through use of a heated porous chuck and stirred and heated reservoir and the system is compatible with polar, non-polar, acidic and basic solvents.

Die lip sizes of Gen2, 12”, 8”, 6” and 4” with 5mm edge exclusion are available and the tool is capable of repeatable patch’ coating of defined areas within a designated area.

The whole system is housed within a HEPA filtered enclosure for safe chemical handling.

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