NanoMan V Atomic Force Microscope

NanoMan V Atomic Force Microscope. Dimension Hybrid XYZ Scanner

  • X‑Y scan range: – 90μm square
  • Z (vertical) range: – Imaging Mode: nominal 8μm, ±6% or better
  • Force Curve: nominal 7μm, ±6% or better

  • Vertical noise floor: – <0.05nm RMS (in appropriate environment)
  • Integral nonlinearity (X‑Y): – <1% typical
  • Integral nonlinearity (Z): – <1% typical
  • X‑Y noise level: – Closed-loop feedback activate: <1.8nm RMS
  • X‑Y Sensor noise level: – Open-loop: <1.2nm Adev (Ra)
  • Z Sensor noise level: – Force Curve bandwidths 0.1nm RMA (0.1 Hz – 5KHz)
  • Typical Imaging bandwidths 0.06nm RMS

  • Sample size/​holders: – 150mm vacuum chuck for samples ≤150mm diameter, ≤12mm thick

  • Enhanced Motorized
  • Positioning Stage: – Inspectable area 125mm x 100mm; – Resolution 2μm – Repeatability unidirectional 3μm typical, 10μm max. – Repeatability bi-directional 4μm for x‑axis, 6μm for y‑axis typical

  • Optical Microscope: – 150μm to 675μm horizontal viewing area
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Resolution 1.5μm
  • Computer-controlled illumination

  • Tip Viewing: – Scanning cantilever and sample can be viewed on axis in real time via microscope optics
  • Vibration Isolation: – Silicone vibration pad provided
  • Integrated vibration isolation table and acoustic enclosure provided
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