Miyachi Bonder

This tool is used for attaching Chip on glass (COG), Tape automated bonding (TAB), Flexible board (FLEX) drivers to Flat Panel Displays, PCB Boards, Flexible substrates, Glass using Anisotropic conductive film (ACF).

This machine shows the bonding process in real time. The temperature profile and pressure are set manually using the Uniflow2 Power Source and Pressure knob. The other types of knobs on the machine provides calibration at micron level. It allows the top layer to be aligned with the bottom layer. All this process is live on the LCD monitors. The maximum bonding area is 400mm x 3mm.

To prevent pollution between the thermode hot-bar and product, interlayer interposer is used which is 25 microns thick and 5mm wide. KL1500 LCD cold light source provides variable light control options.

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