Medical Device Test Equipment

ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Fluke ProSim 8 Vital Signs and ECG Patient Simulator

ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer. Complete with Ansur Test Automation for standardized testing and risk mitigation, ESA 620 is the preferred electrical safety test tool for IEC606011 compliance as it performs all primary electrical safety tests necessary to ensure the proper functioning of medical devices for both the mains connection and for devices that may require electrode connections to a patient such as would be required for ECG and EEG measurements.

Fluke ProSim 8 Vital Signs and ECG Patient Simulator 8‑in‑1 multifunction patient simulator is a combination ECG simulator, fetal simulator, arrhythmia simulator, respiration simulator, temperature simulator, IBP simulator, cardiac output simulator, cardiac catheterization simulator, NIBP simulator and is the premier SpO2 simulator to test multi-wavelength waveforms in conjunction with the ProSim SpO2 Test Module.

The medical device test equipment allows validation that a medical device is both electrically safe and responds correctly to a range of programmable simulated patient vital signs, contributing to essential medical device pre-compliance testing.

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