KSV NIMA Dip Coater MultiVessel/Large

The KSV NIMA Dip Coater Multi Vessel Medium is designed for coating medium to large samples (max. H300W950T15, 500g) using multi-vessel sequencing.

KSV NIMA Dip Coater Multi Vessel Large enables even larger sample coating (max. H500W950T15, 500g) with the maximum sample height increased from 300 mm to 500 mm. Both systems offer programmable dipping speed and horizontal motion for precise and versatile sequencing. A single sample clip is provided with the instrument. A multisample clip is available as an accessory to enable simultaneous coating of 6 or 10 samples. The space available between the 2 legs of the Dip Coater stand is 950 mm. The Dip Coater comes with the KSV NIMA Interface Unit.

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