GeSIM NanoPlotter 2.1

A plotting tool for the deposition of single or multiple droplets within a specific array across a range of substrate types using either piezoelectric aspiration and deposition or microjetting. 

The tool uses a variety of printheads in order to deposit discrete spots of liquid onto a substrate within a designed array.

The tool may be adapted in order to successfully print:

  • droplet sizes as small as 40pL
  • both aqueous and non-aqueous inks
  • materials above room temperature through use of heated print heads
  • materials in controlled humidity environment

Using a bespoke interface, droplets may be printed with sub 10-micron accuracy on substrates including flexible plastics, glass slides and well plates. Print patterns may be maybe optimized by adjust dispense parameters, varying the numbers of droplets printed at each location and modifying the area over which the droplets may be printed at an individual locus. The NanoPlotter system incorporates a VERMES microjetting valve for the dispense of viscous materials (up to 2,000,000 mPa.s) such as adhesives. The unit has been utilised in the fabrication of sensors and materials development programmes.

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