EMC Test Suite

  • Rigol SA RSA 5065-TG tracking signal generator
  • Hyperlog 40 – 40 wideband antenna
  • DSG3060 Signal Generator
  • TEKBOX TBTC2 TEM cell and RF amplifiers
  • ESCO Technologies Faraday Chamber 
  • TEKBOX TBTC2 Open TEM Cell

The Rigol tracking spectrum analyser and RF signal generator allow for EMC pre-compliance test and allow for greater confidence when taking new products to an approved test house for EMC test and CE marking.

The EMC test suite is complimented by an EMC test chamber, a wide band (400MHz-4GHz) HyperLog 4040 antenna and a range of TEKBOX RF amplifiers for EMC emissions and immunity testing.

The TEM cell provides a 50ohms line operating over 500kHz to 6GHz allowing devices to be tested within a radio frequency transmission line. The TEM cell allows for conducted, immunity and radiated emission tests to be conducted as part of the EMC pre-compliance test.

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