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Improving battery performance, lifetime, and recyclability is essential to improving the sustainability of carbon-neutral technologies, however, batteries are currently costly and complex to make.

The vast majority of batteries are produced in Asia, while the precious metals and minerals used to make them go to waste when the battery reaches the end of life. With the UK under pressure to produce an ever-greater proportion of each vehicle domestically under new EU trade agreements, building momentum on battery innovation and recycling within our borders has never been more pressing.

Key facts

Today, less than 5% of LI-ion batteries are recycled
11 million metric tons of Li-ion batteries are expected to reach end-of-life by 2030
UK demand for EV battery manufacturing capacity may reach 140 GWh annually by 2040

CPI can help companies to improve battery sustainability, performance and longevity. This starts with optimising raw materials, designing for disassembly, reuse and recyclability, and identifying how best to recover the value of these materials when the battery reaches end of life.

Using our extensive research expertise and high-tech facilities, we can support the synthetic, lab-based production of alternative raw materials. This is essential in helping UK manufacturers, and suppliers start to build a domestic supply chain and overcome the social, environmental and resource scarcity risks currently associated with the extraction and processing of precious metals and minerals. We can also advise on incorporating recycled materials within new batteries.

Importantly, we can help to identify healthier, more sustainable chemicals and higher-performing formulations. We continuously explore how to extend material and battery life and streamline production, helping you to achieve more with less. In addition, we catalyse innovations to improve EV range and enable faster charging.

Overall, by supporting you in achieving the right combination of materials, performance and process design, underpinned by relevant funding, we help you take decisive steps towards commercialisation and scale.

How we can help

Our capability and expertise can support you to improve battery sustainability, performance and longevity.

Material formulation & optimisation

Process optimisation and scale-up

Process engineering design

Product and coating formulations

Automated experimentation

Modelling, informatics and data science

Polymer processing and composites

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