CPI Printable Electronics Equipment Directory Goes Live

14 Oct 2013

Releasing a live directory of their printable electronics equipment, CPI opens their facilities to a whole new range of consumers, putting the power of their extensive range of specialist printable electronics equipment at the finger tips of innovative SMEs, academics and companies across the UK and the world.

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CPI is the UK’s National Printable Electronics Centre and is focused on the development, scale-up and commercialisation of printable electronics applications. Equipped with an extensive range of assets specifically chosen and developed to allow clients to understand how their products and processes perform under pilot manufacturing conditions, CPI’s 1250 m² of Class 1000 and 100 Clean Room space is supported by fully equipped formulations, electrical test and R&D laboratories. CPI also operate a commercial scale integrated smart systems print facility which is situated in a non clean room environment, in addition to flexible conference and meeting room facilities which can be configured to hold up to 80 delegates.

It is these extensive and flexible facilities that CPI looks to leverage in helping support UK advanced manufacturing and in taking steps to make this expertise available to a greater audience, they are continuing to move towards that goal.

CPI is your innovation partner to make your ideas a reality.