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Supporting innovation across the food supply chain

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At CPI, we understand that emerging trends in food, drink and nutraceuticals are directly influenced by the challenges faced in modern society, from increased famine, obesity and wastage to the depletion of natural reserves. We use this unique understanding to help you to keep up with the ever-changing demands of these industries and drive innovation across the entire product supply chain. 

Helping to deliver novel solutions that meet industry needs 

Our scientists are skilled in generating solutions to meet industry-specific requirements. As an experienced partner, we offer access to advanced and industry-relevant facilities to ensure that you overcome evolving industry challenges, including issues surrounding the increased demand for novel ingredients, effective formulation and efficient product manufacture and packaging.

Adding value to your products

Supporting the development of functional ingredients and nutraceuticals

Improving formulation and reformulation

Providing you with years of expertise in the industry to improve your formulation development

Maximising efficiency in manufacture and packaging

Promoting efficiency through smart technologies and sustainable materials

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Adding value to your products 

Our fully tailored services, combined with our technical know-how, mean that we can help you develop routes to functional ingredients and nutraceuticals. Our capabilities in this area include fermentation and mammalian cell culture processes as a means to deliver alternative proteins, sweeteners, flavours, and fragrances. With the support of our scientists, you can achieve streamlined process development throughout the product innovation cycle. 

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Improving formulation and reformulation 

In an industry where low-calorie alternatives to fats and sugars are in growing demand, our high-throughput technology enables an improved understanding of the effects that reformulation has on the physical and structural properties of food. Our scientists are also experienced in using innovative methods to achieve accelerated and automated stability testing of liquid formulation. Overall, we can ensure that you achieve an enhanced assessment of the stability, structure and manufacturability of your formulated product.

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Maximising efficiency in manufacture and packaging 

As your innovation partner, we recognise the need for efficiency at every step of the product development journey. Our sensor-enabled processing and modelling systems enable minimal waste production during the manufacture of both liquid and solid products. We also strive to promote efficiency in manufacturing of food packaging and use of sustainable materials. When combined with our years of experience in working with smart technologies, we can work with you to enable advanced management of food safety, quality and supply chain efficiency. 

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