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Innovation Integrator®

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Our Innovation Integrator® is a diagnostic business tool that evaluates your current capabilities and advises where you need to focus to turn your invention into a practical product that is used every day.

Identify your innovation gaps

To take an idea or concept and develop it successfully into a commercial product is a challenging process, with many innovation factors to consider. Our Innovation Integrator® utilises those factors to identify any gaps you have, which can decrease risk and speed up time to market. Knowledge of these gaps will allow you to make better, safer and more informed decisions throughout your journey.

Effectively prioritise your resources

To help you effectively prioritise and know how to improve your resources, our Innovation Integrator® highlights the innovation factors you should focus on in order of priority. The results will give you a breakdown of your current innovation stage for each factor, with detailed information about the challenges you’re likely facing, how to address them, and what resources you’ll need to consider next.

Assess and improve your market readiness

For the best chance to successfully bring your product to market, you need to have all the innovation factors which are critical to commercial success. Our Innovation Integrator® will give you an overall market readiness score to help you assess your current level, guiding you through to market readiness faster and smarter.

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A photo of Dr Steven Cobb, Founder of PepMoTec
As an academic, you tend to think that everything you do is great. Therefore, it was crucial to have someone to pick holes in the plan and ask,​‘is this actually what the industry wants and does this fill a commercial need?’ That is what CPI’s Innovation Integrator® was really good at doing. I found the entire experience to be invaluable.”

Dr Steven Cobb, Founder, PepMoTec 

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We also work collaboratively with individuals like you to help transform your vision into reality with a comprehensive personal evaluation.

Our expert staff can assess your current capabilities and identify your next steps. As your first step get started with the Innovation Integrator® tool.