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Our Innovation Integrator® is a strategic diagnostic tool that evaluates your current capabilities and advises where you should focus to turn your invention into a market-ready product.

Identify your innovation strengths and weaknesses

Uncover the weaknesses and threat areas in your innovation by evaluating our 12 innovation factors against your business, product or technology so you can successfully reach market readiness.


Innovation assets

Supply chain

Underpinning science

Lead entrepreneur

Intellectual property

Market need

Legislation and regulation

Independent endorsement


Value and price combination

Communication and positioning

Know when and where to prioritise your resource

Discover what maturity stage you are currently at for each innovation factor and learn where to focus resources. The Innovation Integrator® model is built on our experience that there is an​‘innovation continuum’ involving three stages; invention, innovation and commercialisation.

Keep improving your market readiness

Benefit from our years of experience by reading detailed advice on the challenges you may be facing and next steps to consider. Receive your overall market readiness score to help you assess your current level and guide you through to market readiness faster, with less risk.

As an academic looking to set up my first company, I found the entire experience to be invaluable. 

Dr Steven Cobb

Founder, PepMoTec

It was a very positive, very eye-opening experience. 

Richard Liddle

Creative Director, Cohda

It helped identify in greater depth some of the aspects of the business. 

Dr Horst Puschmann

Chief Scientific Officer, OlexSys


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