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Creating an agile and responsive MedTech sector to meet global healthcare needs.

Accelerating the development of MedTech from concept to adoption for providers and patients

Medical device innovation is constantly evolving, and the development and regulatory approval processes can be expensive and time-consuming. How can innovators navigate the path to user adoption?

The medical device sector is very highly regulated, and for good reason, as devices must accurately and reproducibly fulfil the function for which they are intended, whether that’s to treat, improve, prevent, or diagnose a medical condition. Accelerating the development of MedTech solutions safely is crucial, with considerations including complex instruments, software, and sometimes even biocompatible materials.

We work with many medical device manufacturers and innovators who have some, but not all, of the equipment and expertise required for the demanding development pathway. Often, they have a well-defined concept or working prototype in the lab and need assistance in optimising their medical technology to take it through to commercialisation. Sometimes we meet manufacturers keen to diversify or improve a product they’ve already developed.

What's challenging about commercialising medical device innovations?

Medical device design and development is an expensive, multidisciplinary and time-consuming process. But with a growing, ageing global population sending healthcare costs spiralling, rapid innovation is needed more desperately than ever. Medical device manufacturers must innovate to diagnose earlier, diagnose more accurately, and deliver more targeted, stratified and personalised therapies.

How is CPI enabling medical device solutions?

From conceptual design right through to pilot manufacture and commercialisation, we support the development of disruptive and market-creating medical devices. ​Thanks to our abilities in rapid development, proof-of-concept, and scale-up under our ISO 13485 quality management system, we can help you meet medical device regulatory requirements to make an impact faster.

Our experts can support the pre-clinical validation of your medical device within our biolabs that are fitted with advanced confocal microscopy and x-ray imaging. Plus, we can handle human tissues and fluids, thanks to our HTA licence. We can further enable the integration of advanced photonics systems into your MedTech device for novel imaging, diagnostics, and treatment applications.

Through our expertise in printable and hybrid electronics, we can integrate flexible and conformable electronics into your medical device to create smaller, lighter wearable devices. Our state-of-the-art printable electronics equipment for medical device design and development can also enable haptics, real-time monitoring, and traceability.

We also offer gold-standard facilities for 3D printing and rapid prototyping methods that allow us to realise mechanical parts and prototypes quickly, significantly speeding up our product development process.

By working with medical device companies to test, trial, and validate MedTech products to meet the UK’s MHRA and NHS clinical evaluation requirements, plus other medical device regulations across the globe, we can accelerate time-to-market. And, by facilitating collaboration with our wider networks, including partners in funding, health economics and clinical care, we can add value by supporting patient-centric design and clinical trials, to ultimately, speed up the adoption of medical devices.

CPI's medical device capabilities

Our specialist expertise and state-of-the-art equipment helps medical device companies design and develop prototypes, test, certify and scale-up to manufacturing production.

Conceptual design, simulation, model rendering and visualisation

Custom electronics design

Flexible, hybrid and wearable electronics

Optical system design and build

Rapid prototyping

Testing and validation, including with human tissues and fluids through our HTA license

Support for medical device clinical evaluation and clinical trials

Technical file generation

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