Developing innovative coatings for medical devices

Design and develop coatings, from concept to product

At CPI, we’re experts in the development and application of innovative coatings

This combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to accelerate the deployment of novel coating technologies, reducing both cost and time to market. 

Medical device coatings play a vital role in enhancing the performance, lifetime, safety and efficacy of devices and components. With technical, environmental and regulatory challenges emerging all the time, it’s a technology that demands innovation. 

Our expertise extends across the full coating development cycle to deliver novel formulation development, coating, and patterning of functional materials.

How we support your formulation and coatings development

At CPI, we understand the challenges that come with coatings development for medical applications. Working collaboratively as an extension of your team, we provide material formulation, coating and patterning services, all housed under one roof. We tailor support to the specific needs of our customers and partners, ensuring that solutions are scalable and will work in the real world.

Whatever your need, we can modify surface friction, enable sterilisation, enhance antimicrobial properties and strength, and improve sustainability and scalability.

Accelerate your formulation development 

Accelerate your formulation development

  • We can help you explore large parameter spaces and rapidly optimise your multicomponent formulations with our automated formulation and test capability robotics.
  • We can determine how materials behave in formulation, during processing and in application, through modelling, process analytics and real-world data, reducing development time and accelerating product readiness.
Access a sandbox for applying advanced techniques to coatings 

Access a sandbox for applying advanced techniques to coatings

  • Use our specialised and industrial scale equipment such as roll-to-roll slot-die, screen print and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) as well as sputtering, parylene coating and mask/​direct write photolithography.
  • Access our expertise and equipment to explore next-generation areas outside of your current capability and keep your existing teams working on your core products and innovations until we prove feasibility together.
Unlock consultancy on process development and scale-up 

Unlock consultancy on process development and scale-up

  • Our expertise in coating and patterning across many industries, coupled with our MedTech-specific industry and regulatory knowledge, affords you confidence in your capability augmentation decisions.
  • We can help you with a more successful capability-build pitch or business plan, and reduce the time to market for new products or product features.
Get regulatory guidance 

Get regulatory guidance

  • We can guide you through the essential regulatory processes for getting your device on the market in the UK or EU, as well as provide guidance on costs and timelines.
  • We’ll ensure that you’re doing the right thing to get your products to market as quickly as possible.

We have decades of experience in supporting SMEs and Micro-SMEs

SME and Micro-SME (MSME) support is our bread and butter. We offer SMEs and MSMEs a strategic advantage through tailored cost-effective exploration and optimisation of novel formulations for applications such as wound care, implantable devices, and therapeutic elution.

MSMEs are often at the forefront of new and exciting development programmes, and CPI has over 20 years of experience supporting these projects. Our engineers and scientists will provide detailed support throughout the coating development process. We can help you achieve a successful result, especially if you’ve been struggling with predicting and optimising coating performance and need to reduce development time.

SMEs often tackle the entire medical device development programme, where coating is sometimes not an internal capability. We support you with developing prototype materials, providing insight into which coating best fits a particular device need or improves the overall design and manufacturability.

Partnering with us can ultimately accelerate your time to market, reduce costs, and ensure sustainable, high-performance solutions that enhance patient safety and product efficacy.

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